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All India Crime & Investigative Journalists Association, Kolkata

Add : 139, Jodhpur Garden, 2nd Floor
West Bengal
Tel : 033-40721122
Mobile : 90519 27726, 91635 84489
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Biplab Chowdhury
Purpose : Social Work.
Aim/Objective/Mission : All India Crime & Investigative Journalists Association we want a peaceful world, a society free from all crime, corruption & terrorism home : all Indiacrime & investigative journalists association (aicija), a non-profit organization of crime & investigative journalists fights against crime and corruption and is working as a platform with a motto to communicate journalist friends each other to focus on crime, corruption, terrorism, illegal activities against country to draw the attention of the home department of state & Indiagovernment. It?s main motto is to fight for the welfare of journalists and rights of media worldwide and to ensure social, legal & financial protection of journalists. Besides, all Indiacrime & investigative journalists association (aicija) is very much attentive and as well as alert every moment to find out the root and source of crime & corruption every corner. All Indiacrime & investigative journalists association (aicija) has promoted various welfare projects and social activities around the country with it?s own efforts, started it?s social service since 2009 to bring some betterment in the lives of under privilege people through providing their medical facilities, food, education support and sending relief to the people of flood affected areas. On the other hand, aicija is very much aware of the fact that street children, runaways and orphans of both sex were at high risk on platforms of different railway stations. For their survival and protection and intensive care and support, aicija is thinking to do better from their own efforts. Aicija (all Indiacrime and investigative journalists association) have already started working towards improving the morality of the street children and those who are footpath dwellers. With the assistance of the women and children development & social welfare of West bengal govt. Shelter for the homeless has been started at sarsuna, behala under kmc area. Aicija has also been working in the field of awareness campaign, free medical camp, eye care, child and women trafficking, child protection, etc. Aicija is cordially inviting all intellectuals to work shoulder to shoulder with them towards this direction thus becoming part and parcel of this organisation. About us : threatening by the criminal world could not stop the reporters throughout the universe from fulfillment of their mission. And what?s the mission is? Yes the mission is unfurling truth in various fields by dint of their stalwartness, resulting in succumbing to death even. Thus they have become examples for the reporters of next generation. From 1992 to 2015 it has been reported by the committee to protect journalists (cpj) that 1135 reporters have been killed over the world. Countless have been physically assaulted and cameras damaged. As per cpj (committee to protect journalists) 57 reporters have been slaughtered, out of which motive behind murder of 22 is still in darkness. Many have been mis-implicated while innumerable sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for raising their voice against the evil committed by the government. Brave and truth finding reporters in spite of their life risks, collected sensible information from the underworld of terrorist and maoists. Our reporters also acted as a bridge between the govt. And leaders of dark world for the latter reformation. Measures initiated by the fearless and adventurous journalists to form an association towards curbing criminal activities have been highly appreciated by the administration. They are on their toes to extend unstinted support to the govt. As well to enable Indiaemerging as a crime free country. Aicija fights for the welfare of journalists and rights of media worldwide and to ensure social, legal & financial protection of journalists. Apart from the above, it is better known to the journalists where raise of development have not reached, where there is no health maintenance infrastructure, no primary school and people are superstitious as well. So our journalist friends have understood the reality of standing beside the helpless, as they know only draw attention of the govt. May not solve the problem alone. Last but not the least we are glad to know that all members of this organisation want to work selflessly and devote their sincere services to those who are helpless and needy. Our motto : to spread branches of this organisation in every state of our country to arrange for specialized training for crime reporters/journalists to cement a bridge of co-ordination amongst the journalists serving all the states to initiate a drive of exerting close harmony with the police administration to make a corrupt and crime free country to organise seminars with journalists representing various countries to stand by the side of needy reports and their families and extend hands of co-operation for their help to play a pioneering role in the field of welfare activities of our society. Ongoing project : aicija organizes medical camp and eye camp regularly in different districts of different states. In ganga sagar fare, aicija organizes medical camp for the pilgrims in ganga sagar fare since 201(Please see photo gallery). Aicija is running a shelter for homeless people & urban poor named ?aarshi nagar under the department of women & child dev. & Social welfare, govt. Of West bengal at sarsuna, behala, ward no: 127 under kmc area. (Please see photo gallery) aicija is running a school chakfuldubi school (for primary education) operated and supported by sandra gojkovic, Indiaschool project. (Please see photo gallery). Aicija organizes sports for street children (please see photo gallery) aicija distributes occasional dress, organizes camp, picnic, film show for the children. (Please see photo gallery) aicija organized pujor sera samman?12 where nearly 50-street children visited different puja pandals in kolkata and the best puja pandal, the best image of goddess devi durga and the best puja environment have been selected by the judgment of these children. (Please see photo gallery) up-coming project protection home for at risk children: boy?s home & girl?s home women empowerment programme shelter for homeless people & urban poor in ward no: 130, under kmc area love your life a programme, campaign against committing suicide. Hospital for poor people old age home vocational training for under privileged women protection of women from domestic violence community development programme against child & women trafficking disaster management.

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