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हरियाणा एनजीओ – हरियाणा के स्वयं सेवी संगठन – हरियाणा की स्वयं सेवी संस्थाएं

NGOs of Haryana – Non Governmental Organisations of Haryana – Non Profit Organisations of Haryana

Socio- Economic status of Haryana and role of Social Sector organisations

Haryana is the prime agricultural state of India formed on November 1966. It consists of 20 districts. Haryana is the growing and rich cultural state of India. Haryana state is renowned for its ?Vedic Civilization?. ?Kurukeshetra ? is the most popular place in Haryana. Haryana has become very developed state contributes a lot in the development of our country. India has number of sports persons, actors, and leaders from Haryana who represents India on National and International level.
The second highest job provider state in India is Haryana. There are many companies in Haryana that provide job opportunity to people who come from diverse parts of India to make their career. About 70% population of Haryana belongs to Agricultural area. Every year it contributes a lot by the production and supply of milk, wheat, rice, pulses, sugarcane and cereal to various parts of India and in other countries as well.
Haryana Government is focusing on continuous development of the people by improving the Education system and living standard of the people. People of Haryana believe in simple living as most of the people are farmers. Although Haryana is very developed, there are lots of colleges, medical colleges, universities, industries, hotels, hospitals, housing facilities that are contributing to maintain its reputation.
But still people living in backward areas of Haryana are not educated due to their farming profession. They are satisfied with their profession and are not aware of sanitation, health, education, utilisation of natural resources etc. Most of the adults are addicted in drugs, smoking and drinking and are not supporting to their family. To improve the living standard of such deprived and backward class people many NPO?s (Non Profitable Organisation)/ NGOs (Non Governmental Organisation)/VO?s (Volunteer Organisation) are working there.

The NGOs in Haryana working with the main aims:

  • NGOs in Haryana aim to improve the living standard and categorise awareness programs for the deprived people
  • NGOs works in Haryana for the social welfare, physical and mental development of the people.
  • Child and women empowerment are one of main aim of the NGOs working in Haryana.
  • Organise awareness programs on drug abuse and female foeticide.
  • They organise educational seminars for youth to make them aware about current issues and economical status of our country.
  • NGOs organise others educational seminars on health, sanitation, social injustice, inequality, cast, gender.
  • Various programs are organised in child education, adult education and family planning.
  • There are very rich and supportive people in Haryana who financially help the deprived people for their growth and awareness.
  • NGOs support the people who are below poverty line by giving them education, food, employment and essential things to survive.
  • NGOs works potentially to support the physically and mentally disable people and motivate them to become self dependent.
  • NGOs also organise technology programs, vocational training programs, disaster management programs, social development programs, watershed development programs.
  • NGOs guide the people on conservation of natural resources, water utilising, organic farming and other latest technology.
  • NGOs aware the people how to work in mini industries of the locality.
  • Teach disaster management programs to the people so that they can contribute to save the lives.
  • Educate the people to contribute in the safeguard of road, village and society.
  • Arrange various programs on electricity consumption, use of water, animal welfare and agriculture.
  • Give computer knowledge to each and every child and adult because they are the forthcoming future of our country.

NGOs working in various Districts, Cities, Towns and Villages of Haryana (हरियाणा के विभिन्न जिलों, शहरों, कस्बों और गांवों में काम करने वाले एन.जी.ओ.):

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