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NGO Verification

Clarification regarding the verification of enlisted NGOs

NGOs India ( is a internet social network project of ?Chanakya? NGO to provide useful information to NGOs, information related to NGOs and other persons who are seeking such information. NGOs India has been providing the listing, contact and other detail on of Non-Profit Organisations/Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Societies, Trusts and other organisation as their short profile. The listing, entries, contact detail and profiles of the NGOs and organisations are provided for their identity as they are working for social development, social welfare, non-profit issues and other objectives.

Data and listing are submitted by NGO executives
The listings, contact and profile information are provided to publish on the website by the representatives, members or concerned/related persons of the NGOs and organisations by submitting the ?Add NGO Profile? form in website at Some of the listing, contact detail and profile of the enlisted NGOs and organisations available in the website is not exact, accurate, correct or complete. If the listing, entries and information submitted in the website need any changes, modification or correction then related NGOs? and organisations? representatives, members or associates are requested to send Email in this regard to correct, modify or remove the information.

NGOs? Data are in updating process
The information related to the enlisted NGOs may or may not be correct, what is claimed and provided in the web pages of the enlisted NGOs and organisations. We are in the process to verify the listing information provided and submitted that is showing on the pages of We do not take any kind of guarantees and recognition of the enlisted NGOs those are enlisted in website. We are in the process to provide and enlist the true and correct information of NGOs. In this regard we will publish the information/profile pages of the NGOs again. This is a continuous process to update the information.

NGOs are requested to provide the Correct information
The present listing is submitted by members, employees or supporters of NGOs or their concern persons using the Submit data Form at page. We have published the information as the information is of the NGOs but the complete list is not verified. Some or many of the informations or the listing of the NGOs or organisations can be not true or not factual or right. We are again verifying the listing, data, entries, contact detail and other information through asking the NGOs and organisation by submitting the information and data again by verification Emails, by calling them and by instructing them to provide and submit the detail again by using the ?Add NGO Profile? page. And on that ?Add NGO Profile? page the NGOs (their representatives or concern persons) have to submit the registration certificate.

Suspected NGOs listing is removed and is to be removed
We have removed some listing and profile pages of some NGOs and organisations due to incorrect information and also due to complaints against such NGOs and organisations. Some of the listing of NGOs are removed and deleted due to making suspected activities, malpractices by the related persons and members of the NGOs. We have informed and knew by some sources in this regard so we have removed them from listing. And always keep one thing clear that ? There may be many real and accurate NGOs exist and those are not enlisted in our list. So be clear that this listing may or may nor be according to requirements and parameters what the persons and organisations are looking for. And we are not bound to provide listing and publish profile pages in,? of all or any NGO, Organisation or Group. And it is not necessary to punlish the information of any NGO or for any NGO in the website.

Report the objectionable activites of NGOs
If any of the NGO or organisation enlisted in pages of website are performing some or any kind of disputable, unauthorised or illegal activities and works, or activities not related to Non Profit Organisation?s (Non-Governmental Organisation?s) legal parameters, and the activities are unfair by on ethical and/or legal parameters, in this regard inform us, so we can remove the listing from website.

Deal at your own decision, we do not assure you for any NGO or any one related to enlisted NGOs
If you are doing any kind of deal, funding or getting employment or paying any amount or providing any resources with/to the enlisted NGOs and orgnisations, do it at your own verification, your own understanding, your own liability and at your own risk. We are not liable and concerned; and we are not related in any way to the enlisted organisations, and we do not take any responsibility of the enlisted NGOs, organisations and their members, authorised persons, executives or related persons. We have provided their contact, profile and listing as they have submitted in website, as understand that the submitted information is of NGO. is a social media online network to promote such NGOs those are performing as a organisation and group of persons to improve socio-economic status of society for positive social development, create awareness and perform other social activities.

Verification of real NGOs List is in process
Verification of real NGOs is a big issue. We have been getting many inquiries to provide the verification information regarding NGOs. So feeling and keeping this need necessary for required persons and organisation who want basic verification regarding any or some NGOs we have decided to provide some information that will be the basic verification information of some real NGOs. For this purpose we have decided to publish a Verified list of NGOs apart from (and along with) the general lists/profiles/entries of NGOs. In the ?Verified NGOs? list we will verify the programmes, activities, projects, works and profiles of the NGOs through various resources. Through the ?Verified NGOs? list many persons, organisations, supporters, funding providers, support agencies, funding agencies, and others can check them that they are really working as they are claiming in their profile page information. We are in the process to provide verification process due to the requirements of many persons, organisations and authorities. So in the next phase there will be two kind of listings of NGOs and organisations ? one list will be General list of NGOs with short profile and another list will be the ?Verified NGOs? list. In the General list the NGOs will be placed who have submitted their registration certificates and other required/asked documents and proofs.

So if you are asking or conforming regarding any NGO or Organisation or the persons/members of any NGO then read the abovesaid information and clearance and do not expect any enlisted NGOs as recognised by NGOs India ( / Chanakya whether it is clearly not mentioned in the or at that it is recognised NGO by NGOs India/Chanakya.

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