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NGOs of Delhi – Non Governmental Organisations of Delhi – NPOs of Delhi –  Social Organisations of Delhi

Directory of Delhi NGOs and Funding Agencies is web directory of Non-Governmental Organisations of Delhi. NGO portal is a center of information of Government registered Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), Government Organisations in Delhi. The information is available for NGOs, People associated with NGO, Volunteers, Social Activists and Stakeholders and Social Workers working on various issues in Delhi and Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad. The listings of International Funding Agencies, Funding Schemes of Central Ministries, Government of India and Funding Projects of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are include. The social issues, NGO Projects, Job opportunities in Delhi social sector are included in this NGO portal. This is the recognised online Resource Centre of Indian NGOs including Delhi NGO.

NGOs in Delhi emphasize on social welfare and social development issues. girl’s right, their importance and contribution for the growth of society. Organize programs in Delhi against female feticide, women exploitation and women rights in diverse sections of Delhi to make people realize the importance of a girl. Various NGOs in Delhi are particularly working for child education as many labor class families do not support their children to get education and force them to work to earn money
NGOs aware these people by confide them the importance and contribution of an educated child and try to remove child labor. NGOs organize various programs on family planning for men and women so that they can live a healthy, peaceful and happy life by fulfilling all the essential requirement of their family.
Food, shelter and clothes are also provided by NGOs to number of helpless and deprived people in New Delhi and all Delhi areas to survive. NGOs have open various Old Age Home, Orphanage and school to help and support the needy people. NGOs also make people aware about social welfare, social equality, human rights, women and child empowerment. Various seminars on social injustice, exploitation, cast and gender are also continuing to aware the underprivileged people of Delhi. Every month no addiction programs are also organize by NGOs in diverse sections of Delhi for youth to aware them about the harmful effects of cigarette, alcohol, tobacco and drugs and teach them how get rid of various addictions.
NGOs also aware people on disaster management by organizing disaster management programs and trained them various methods and actions to be taken in case of natural disaster. People of Delhi are contributing in cleaning and maintaining their road, village and society by helping NGOs. Programs on electricity consumption, society welfare and latest irrigation methods for agriculture are also organizing by the NGOs. In backward and slum area of Delhi people are not well educated, not well skilled and they don’t know the importance of education. Some NGOs aware them, guide them and train them for their better survival.

Here is the list of NGOs in Delhi including NGOs in New Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi:-

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