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Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest state in India. Andhra Pradesh is situated in the south eastern Region. Covering area of Andhra Pradesh is 160,000 sq. km. It is surrounded by Orissa in the north east, Karnataka in the west, Tamil Nadu in the south, Chhattisgarh in the North, Telangana in the north west and the Bay of Bengal in the east. The Andhra Pradesh is the combination of two different parts Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema generally referred as Seemandhra. After bifurcation, the state Andhra Pradesh divided into two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. There are 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh; 9 districts in Coastal Andhra and 4 districts in Rayalaseema. Coastal Andhra comprises with the districts East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam and Rayalaseema comprises with the districts Kurnool, Chittoor, Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy district (Kadapa) and Anantapur. Population wise Andhra Pradesh has 10th position in India.

Vijaywada is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad is also the joint capital of both states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The state has the second longest coastline in India. The state is endowed with the beauty of two main rivers Krishna and Godavari and some beautiful places like Nallamala Forest, Eastern Ghats, Coastal plains to deltas. Visakhapatnam is the largest city and a most commercial city of the state. Andhra Pradesh is called The “Rice Bowl of India” because the state produces the largest amount of Rice in the Country. Andhra Pradesh is a very cultural state in terms of religion, music, dance, arts, literature and architecture, tasty food with so many historical monuments and the temple like Tirumala. Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Kuchipudi dance and sankranti festival.

Telugu is the official and classical language in Andhra Pradesh. Other languages which are usually spoken in the state are Tamil, Uriya and Kannad. Andhra Pradesh state has the most population of Hindu and has minor amount of Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Buddhists in Andhra Pradesh. The state has the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Andhra Pradesh is known for Handmade Dolls made by mud, wood, dry grass, and lightweight metals. The growth of state is depending upon the agriculture and Industries. Andhra Pradesh Exports many Food products. Most of people in the state are earning money from agriculture. Rice is the main crop; besides it farmers also cultivate wheat, maize, jawar, bajra, mango, pulses, sugarcane, nuts, oil seeds, black pepper, cotton, tobacco etc.

Andhra Pradesh has the rich source of Minerals and stones in India. The State is top in producing and depositing mica. Minerals found in the state include limestone, Oil and Natural Gas, Manganese, Asbestos, Iron, Ball Clay, Fire Clay, Diamonds, Graphite, Dolomite, Tungsten, Silica, Galaxy granite etc. There are so many power plants are situated in the state.

On the social Development through Non Governmental Organisations/ Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading state of India. In Andhra Pradesh the NGOs are most actively working on various programmes, activities and Projects. The Andhra Pradesh NGOs are actively participating on welfare issues has have achieved a remarkable status in social sector of India.

In Andhra Pradesh various Non Governmental Organizations/ Non Profit Organisations/ Volunteer Organisations are running for people welfare and social Develpoment. These NGOs/NPOs are helping the needy persons. Most of Non Governmental Organizations/ Non Profit Organisations/ Volunteer Organisations are functioning for Children and women development, Social awareness, Education & Literacy, Disaster Management, Legal Awareness & Aid, Differently-Abled persons, Poor and needy people betterment, Safe Drinking Water, Urban and Rural sanitation, Health & Family Welfare, Urban and Rural Development, Environment & Forests, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Biotechnology, Chronic Disease, Vocational Training, Shelter, Human Rights, deprived and backward people Alleviation, Malnutrition problems, Natural resources, Dairying & Fisheries etc.

Many NGOs/NPOs are running programmes for basic development and infrastructure facilities for education, health care, drinking water, housing, sustainable development of forests and other natural resources. These organizations are organizing awareness campaigns for tribal communities regarding their basic rights, general awareness, exploitation, socio-economic development and self-governance. Government is running many projects with the help of NGOs / NPOs / VOs for safe drinking water and rural sanitation, awareness programmes for child marriage, dowry and human trafficking. Some NGOs / NPOs / VOs are working on issues of the proper use of natural resources.

NGOs/NPOs/VOs are working with urban people, rural people and tribal in backward areas for complete development of children and women. NGOs are working towards many social and challenging issues and helping kids and women for fighting against early marriage, dowry etc. Government, NGOs / NPOs / VOs are working to help people in Andhra Pradesh.

In Andhra Pradesh NGOs / NPOs / VOs are conducting various training programmes in schools and training centres for youth, girls, women for self employment, capacity building and development. Some NGOs / NPOs / VOs are running training programmes in the tribal area on health, education, child development and women development issues, providing career guidance for technical education to enhance their living standard.

Many NGOs, NPOs, VOs are functioning motivational centres for working children, child labors and other school dropout children to provide education. Trafficking of children, girls and women linked to migration, poverty, debt and social tolerance of human trafficking.

In Andhra State many NGOs / NPOs are working for Skills development of people through the Community Based Livelihood Training Centres. These training centres are running to generate opportunity for economical growth. Many NGOs are fighting for the legal right of farmers. Control of Food grains of agriculture and livestock should be in farmer’s hand. Farmers control over their agriculture land, seeds and crop also.

Andhra Pradesh NGOs

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