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Association for Common People, Lucknow

Add : 4th Floor, C-Block, Surajdeep Complex, 1st Jopling Road, Hazratganj, Near Dainik Jagran Chauraha
Uttar Pradesh
Tel :
Mobile : 94504 78051
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Website :
Contact Person : Aakash Srivastava
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : To establish and conduct special schools/colleges for disabled and manufacture and disburse artificial organs and appliances and arranging awareness camps and all possible help to disabled persons/army personnel?s handicapped and physically feeblest. To open and conduct hostels and book banks for sc/st students, backwards and minorities. To take all possible measures to elevate social, political, economical cultural and educational status and multifaceted development of eves of every class of the society. To provide home, shelter and educate street and working children, scavengers and their dependents. To open non formal education centre and shelter/care homes for street vulnerable and working children. To establish help lines and night shelter homes for women, children and old feeble persons in distress. To identify patients of aids/hiv and form and conduct care homes, sanitarium for them. To establish old stay homes, health centers, recreation halls, libraries for olds and neglected persons providing them food, lodging, treatment, rehabilitation, arranging marriage anniversaries, birthdays and pilgrimage, cremation etc. To maintain spirit of segregated national international awareness and arrange debates drama, puppet shows, nukkad naataks, to inspire social justices, equality, fraternity and eradicate animosity on the basis of castes, regionalism, lingualism. Awareness programmes and campaign for world unity and world peace, uno programmes and world peace and disarmament conventions. To arrange ceremonies, marriages and sansakars of economic weaker sections and neglected persons. To help and conduct all concerned programmes. Of social- welfares education, rural development, agriculture, pwd, nehru yuva club, sports, madyanishedh, food and civil supply, small industries, labor and energy, power, ministry of tourism, nirman protsaahan, wastra mantraalaya, women welfare, mahila bal vikas vibhag evam pushtahaar, health and family welfare, forest and environment, national integration and electronics, information technology, social justice and welfare, avaas evam nagar vikas, cultural and human resourses development, gosevaevam samwardhan vikas board, pashupalan vibhag, bhartiya jeev jantu sanrakshak board, capart, neda, samaj kalyan salahkar board, food processing and government /non government departments and national and international agencies. To participate in government activities of progressive agro techniques, agriculture and krishi vividhikaran, eradication of poverty, creation of employment opportunities, help in growth. Of agro productivity. Agricultural and agro marketing, agricultural processing, horticulture, aromatic and medicinal plants harvesting, forest harvesting, bio technology and wormi compost mushroom production and marketing. To bridge a building of organized society with respect for each religion spiritual expression and indigenous tradition and have the co operation unit of interfaith efforts and encourage the members of the society to deepen mutual understanding and trust. Establishing small khadi and gramodyog units, production of khadi and gramodyog products, conduct their awareness programs for the upliftment of poor and unemployed. To provide and participate and conduction of relief tasks for devine calamities and natural disasters. To arrange training/education/camps/summer camps for creative activities and stitching, wooing, embroidery, chiken crafts, pottery, cement tiles, wooden crafts, carpet, dari, khes, painting, lauhkala, screen printing, printing, radio/tv/ computer mobile repairing, offset and electronic printing, agarbatti, mombatti, diesel mechanic, motor mechanic, type and shorthand, wireman, cycle motorcycle, scooter repairing, watch repair, beauty parlour, motor winding, fridge a.c. Cooler repair computer hardware and software training and service and it trades and motivating them according to local resources and situational efficiencies so as to make people self independent. Emphasis over eve rights and mahila sashaktikaran inside and outside india, arranging seminars, debates, survey, research centers, launching projects for their self and economic development, conducting aanganwadi programmes, praudh siksha, non-formal education. To establish study and research centers in science, management paramedical, polytechnic, pr and hr courses, astrology.(seeking its ideology, scientific base, logics and discover root causes in deviation and incorrectness in timing events and predictions and their solutions, remedies) astronomy, anthropology, forensic science, criminology and criminal detection, medical colleges study, case investigations, internal security after govt. Permission.. To promote our mother tongue. To aware people for saving of conventional fuel, water. Food and energy to promote conduct and manufacture and marketing and exhibition of non-conventional solar/wind/bio energy, utensils, appliances, equipments. To provide free educations to girls of resource poor community in both the rural and urban areas. Establish blood and organ donation camps. To startup programmes for the empowerment of women through education and training where they could be self employed or run a small scale program in the specific field. To spread awareness about protection of environments and population control. To organize conferences, summits, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, collection of statistics, exhibitions, shows, tour trips etc. To provide legal aid and advice for the indigent and weaker sections of the society and to share global health and global population change. To create an environment as well as an understanding that individual rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power and to examine the inter-dependence of and linkage between individual rights and democracy, pluralism, development, ecological balance, peace and harmony at the national and international levels. To train and create awareness among youth for facing the challenges of the pluralistic society and the rising conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste. To promote art & culture, maintain, encourage and assist/help setting up centers for promotion of social welfare. To publish books, encyclopedias, monographs, journals and directories on individual rights and study and prepare reports on the violation, etc. To organize and participate in cultural programmes to foster a spirit of nationalism to achieve co-operation in solving various problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character. To help freedom fighters, widows/war widows and orphans and running schools, colleges & similar institutions, etc. To lead youth towards major national and international issues. Ngo will create a corpus out of trading activities on no-profit-no-loss basis to sustain its activities/ projects from the self-generated resources. Ngo can also participate in joint venture projects with the government of india or state government departments, authorities approved by the government or any other agencies approved by the government. To protect fundamental rights of all citizens and ensure equal rights and obligations for all keeping in mind that each and every person is born free. To support and implement any other issues other than what has been mentioned above in consonance to our objectives. We would be working for animal welfare conservation of environment and other natural resources improvement in standard of living improvement in indian business and economy good governance, social welfare, children welfare, women welfare, promote education, youth welfare, minority welfare, police welfare, farmer welfare.

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