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Acriolis Automotive Development & Research Omnisociety, Lucknow

Add : 6, Gurubhartipuram, Indiranagar, Sector-9
Uttar Pradesh
Tel :
Mobile : 96502 84837, 98976 75753, 99905 50381
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Ayush Singh Jadon
Purpose : Distance Learning, E-Learning, Education, Employment, Human Development, Industry, Library, Research, Science And Technology, Training.
Aim/Objective/Mission : AADRO’s vision is to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers throughout the world for solutions that benefit mankind as well as to connect and educate engineers while promoting, developing and advancing aerospace and automotive engineering. AADRO’s mission is to serve diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge as it is a global body of engineers and practitioners in the service of nation that advances automotives and system knowledge in a neutral form for improving the quality of life, and communicating the excitement of engineering. AADRO (acriolis automotive development & research omnisociety) was founded in lucknow in 2012 with the motto ? simply automotive. AADRO’s purpose is the same today as it was then: to bring together engineers from across the globe to share ideas and advance the technological development of the automobile. AADRO’s goal is to provide a forum for dialogue amongst these engineers, as well as industry, government, academia, environmental and standards organizations. We are a nonprofit, non-governmental organization – controlled by the engineering profession and supported by the global automotive industry. AADRO’s organization of events such as the indian automotive congress and the annual indian automotive racing events, which will led to AADRO becoming an leader in the exchange of knowledge in all areas of automotive technology. AADRO continues to support the professional development of working engineers, whilst providing comprehensive resources to students and young engineers making their way into the profession. Be a part of an organization with a link to national and international scientific as well as technical organizations, whose benefits are geared specifically to the needs of the engineering community. Your formal education and professional development will be enhanced through your acriolis automotive development & research omnisociety (AADRO) membership benefits. Many of these benefits and opportunities are outlined below. The purposes of acriolis automotive development & research omnisociety (AADRO) are: to advance the knowledge of the arts, sciences, standards, and engineering practices connected with the development, design, construction, and use of self-propelled machines, prime movers and related equipment (all herein collectively called mechanisms), to preserve and improve the quality of life by the production and use of such mechanisms, to maintain a library of publications, to promote through meetings, lectures, courses, seminars and the presentation and discussion of scientific and engineering papers a better understanding of such mechanisms, to develop technical and scientific reports, including engineering standards and recommended practices, in connection with the development, design, construction, use, and reuse of such mechanisms, and publish and distribute such reports and support the education, training and international experience of students and young engineers to raise AADRO’s profile among engineers, auto industry leaders and decision-makers concerned with automotive mobility, generally to provide for or carry on such other activities as may be necessary, incidental, convenient, or desirable to accomplish fully the foregoing purposes, promote active co-operation and information exchange between all member societies and between AADRO and member societies, enabling each to deliver added value to its individual members, provide leadership to industry, academia and society on global technical issues concerning automotive technology, support the continuing professional development of automotive engineers, ensure an effectively managed organization with sufficient and sustainable resources. By volunteering in various national & international social service. Under this program: general awareness programs about vehicle maintenance, energy resources etc in rural areas. To run ?aim Indiacampaign under which group(s) of volunteers will conduct various activities in rural areas, secondary schools & senior secondary schools, with regard to automotives. To organize free learning & resource centers. To advertise & promote automotive technology through various channels like print, radio, electronic etc. To open automotive workshops and educational institute according to the norms of govt. Of india. Always in the service of nation during natural disasters, wars, epidemics and other calamities. To train & guide the people belonging from rural areas under the gyan hi shakti hai project. To publish magazines, research papers & access to vital high tech mobility information about latest automotive science & technology. To distribute scholarships, prizes etc & make possible arrangements for the education of the children belonging from below poverty line families. Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the idea as near as possible to truth.

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