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Navakiraga Orphanage Care Home Nocome Trust

Add : 18, Thenkarai Street
Tel : 04368-266714
Mobile : 90472 81743
Website : www.nocome
Contact Person : P. Sakthivel
Purpose : Child Welfare, Education, Food and Nutrition, General – Social Welfare, Mentally Handicapped Persons, Old Aged Welfare, Orphanage, Physically Disabled, Plantation, Rural Development, Sanitation, Self Help Groups, Social Awareness, Training, Urban Development, Women Development/Welfare, Yoga, Youth Multipurpose Orphanage Home and New Model Mupltiporpose School.
Aim/Objective/Mission : On behalf of the governing body of nocome trust, it gives me great pleasure to present to our collaborators, well-wishers and public at large the annualreport of activities of nocome for the year 2013 to 2014 i am very fortunate to write the introduction page of annual report of nocome. Despite passing through hardest and toughest times, our team hasmaintained and upheld its sheen, status and has realized its objective of serving the orphaned children,aged, helpless anddestitute by affording them all facilities of possible happiness, solace and tranquillity. I am overwhelmed with sorrow whenever children in tender age seeking shelter in our home. They are pushed into such situation for the reasons unknown to them. at the same time, we are very blessed to help them in their dire situation. This year, we have given permanent shelter to 50 children. Besides, childline and child protection committee have referred to our home about 10 children for temporary shelter. They stayed here till their problem resolved. Now, all the children are going to schools and all their basic needs were taken care of. An old age is assuredly an accursed lot when the organs of the human body fail to perform their functions properly having become dysfunctional and lifeless with the passage of times. In such worry- some times, we wonder what has happened to our culture and heritage which valued the aged as repositories of wisdom and experience and looking up to them for wise counsel and socializing the young. In such appalling situation, we were given noble chance to serve the down trodden, abandoned, destitute, old, sick and thosewracked by dementia, alzheimer, paralysis, disabled and fractured also. They are being extended allfacilities of free food, shelter, medicine, pure water, community atmosphere with love and affection. I shall be failing in my duties if i don???t mention the services and sacrifices of my team who are managing the preponderous task of the home. All accolades to them. lastly i would say that there is still a lo000000000000t more needs to be done bearing in mind that just touching thefeet of our elders or having pity on abandoned children are not enough, rather we should translate this as a welcome gesture born out of ourlove, affection and respect. What we should never forget is what we are seeing happening to eldersto-day, sooner or later all of us (no matter how much we resist) we shall eventually be tomorrow likeour elders, this will remain relevantly true for all times to come. Here i would like to thank you all the individual donor, experts, colleagues, observers, volunteers and partners for their support and help, and the foundations which have sponsored us. P. Sakthivel founder / managing trustee to promote ability among all the orphaned/abandoned/underprivileged children, senior citizens within and outside the support system, by educating, guiding and giving them the love and care which they deserve. We act as a transition for these children, elders to lead a life with complete social dignity and also make them able to help the society in return. To implement rural and urban livelihood projects and create enabling conditions for the poor especially women to economically and socially empower them through appropriate livelihood options. To establish and run educational institutions, hostels, libraries for children and old age homes for senior citizens. To promote welfare programmes for women, children, orphans, aged, blind and handicapped persons. To provide medical facilities & health care to the needy. To implement rural livelihood projects and create enabling conditions for the poor especially women to economically and socially empower them through appropriate livelihood options. To promote collective action through community based organization for economic and social purposes. To promote linkages with micro finance institutions and banks for delivery of financial services to the rural poor. To work for bio diversity conservation, energy efficiency, water and wet land conservation, solid waste management, tree plantation / pollution control. Strengthen capacity of communities for participatory activities for economic empowerment by enhancing their livelihood opportunities and incomes through farm and non-farm activities.

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