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Manipur Awakening Development Society, Imphal

Add : Meinam Leikai, Nagamapal Road, Kangjabi Leirak
Tel :
Mobile : 90893 43608
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Meinam Meiraba Singh
Purpose : Social Work.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To establish, maintain and conduct gymnasium and other physical education or cultural institutions or centre of all kinds of useful knowledge for imparting the main instructions in proper and scientific lines in physical, culture and education by means of various kinds of athletics, games and sports to establish and maintain recreational centre public libraries museum etc. For keeping journal books and artefacts of the different tribes of state and other for reference and to cater to the basic information needs for the rural people /bpl /destitute children/people suffered from hiv/aids or cancer. To take up measures/ rescue centres/ hospitals for promotion and preservation/ conservation of ecosystem/ and endangered species as well as animals and plants ensuring sustainable environment. To bring the awareness about the importance of plants animals to the ecology to the society. To check exploitation of forest product / endangered species with involvement of village communities or the people around the park / forest / bio reserve. To undertake integrated researches on the rationales of all aspect of rural / tribal bpl life. Physical (disable person) social economic educational environmental political cultural and spiritual life for all around development of the rural /tribal / bpl people. To take up cr?che centre, orphans destitute children?s school children affected with aids school research centre rural / hill / village / urban areas. To mobilise the tribal / village rural communities for undertaking plantation crops horticultural crops, cash crops, condiment and spices, medicinal and aromatic plants as viable means to arrest shifting cultivation and to promote support their efforts thereof. To help encourage give advices to the weaker section of the rural community in the establishment and development of agro / horti-based and forest based industries including livestock, fishery, dairy, bee keeping etc. To undertake infrastructure / construction / built development measures such as rural agricultural / horticultural, bio energy (renewable energy), roads and bridges, habitat development, processing storage, transport and marketing linking facilities. To harness water, bio waste material for rural /urban /village electrification m.i and drinking water or for any other purpose that will increase the income of the rural or bpl or village people. To undertake projects of rural urban village health and mother and child care. Tribal / bpl / village / destitute (children or women) (people suffered from aids / cancer / stigmatise under privileged / weaker section of the society) housing, land development, roads and communication, water resource development farm forestation and social forestation etc. For the welfare and prosperity of the rural / village / bpl community and humanity. To open orphanage and de-addiction centers rehabilitation and prevention of hiv / aids rural health service centre, cr?che centre, maternity / reproductive center counselling for alcoholism and drug addict / drug abuse. To provide training facilities to the farmers unemployed youth, village artisans and any other personal in the like fields and to arrange seminars conferences campaigns motivation and orientation courses to discuss and study the problem facing the rural community bpl / village community to enlighten the rural population through such activities. To establish production cum training centre of cottage industries for the development promotion of tradition handicrafts like wood works, cane, bamboo works, artistic tribal textiles etc. Especially languishing handicraft items and to improvise designs to meet the present days market demands with a view to provide employment to the unemployed / women / youth / rehabilitated drug abuse people. To establish production cum training centre of small scale industries and run firm under the self employment programme to educate and employ unemployed women / youth / poor needy families /people affected by aids families for self reliance and self employment. To establish self help groups (shgs) for capacity building and integrate management. To mobilise fund for the relief to the people affected by natural calamities. To take up measure for preservation and suppression of anti-social activities prevailing in the society through legitimacy and peaceful means. To sterile to preserve and promote the art and culture of the tribal?s through documentation research and promotion of dances and other plastic arts / eco friendly materials with artistic excellence. To study the inadequacies and anomalies in the present educational system plan and needed help in educational policy formulation to meet the basic and lasting needs of the society. To run schools, hostels and nursing homes, research center, rescue center to facilitate the tribal students/ destitute women/destitute children / unemployed youth/ endangered species and the rural community. To conduct tours and travels for exposure of its members and non members to various training and marketing situation outside the state. To carry out an intensive campaign on attitudinal and institutional changes and awareness campaign on conservation and promotion of scientific management of biological waste/biomedical waste/other waste material, saving of endangered species and management of land resources. To render consultancy and counselling to sister ngos and render expert service to them. To guide women societies, mahila mandal and to organize welfare activities for them as a priority ensuring their participation as equal partners. To organise / host programmes awareness / exhibitions seminars to promote handloom and handicrafts / legal awareness consumer rights / rti / aids etc. To promote international understanding and co-operation in conformity with the principles and ideas of unesco. To act as liaison between the weaker section and rural population and the government and other agencies / bodies and established contacts with the organizations and institution both national and international with similar objectives.

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