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Gaash Welfare Foundation, Srinagar

Add : 2nd. Floor, Munawar Plaza,Munawarabad
Jammu and Kashmir
Tel :
Mobile : 84938 97779, 84938 97775
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Nasrullah Shaffaq
Purpose : Social Work.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Gaash welfare foundation who are we gaash welfare foundation is a non profit organisation registered with ministry of corporate affairs (govt. of India) we have been working towards building harmony among human beings, nature and wildlife since 2013. Our activities can be broadly categorized into environment and wildlife protection conservation, health care and communicable disease prevention, disaster management, uplift of marginalized sections of society and handicapped and reinforcing the awareness and educating young children in making them responsible inhabitants of earth, living in harmony with nature and other human beings in today’s increasingly diverse society. Gaash welfare foundation pursues to accomplish every day its fundamental humanist mission to support society in understanding our planet and working together to bring new generation of responsible habitants of earth. A harmonious coexistence within human race and natural resources rests on a complex and fragile web of daily practices embedded in local settings and the most ephemeral encounters that individuals and communities creatively maintain out of the conviction that they constitute the sustainable conditions for living together in dignity and shared prosperity. At a time of increasing global calamities caused by reckless use, abuse, overuse of natural resources and challenges and threats, such as inequality, exclusion, violence and sectarianism worsened by local tensions and conflicts which undermine humanity’s cohesion, learning to live together among all members of the global community becomes more topical than ever before. Children become inter-culturally competent through learning and real life experience for successful living in the modern complexity of our heterogeneous world and consequently they become prepared to appreciate diversity as well as to manage conflicts in accordance with the values of pluralism and mutual understanding. Gaash welfare foundation and all its partners work on a daily basis to educate children to better understand and address the challenges of our more and more diversified societies. Furthermore, gaash welfare foundation also works to ensure that healthy living are not the privilege of those who are well-off. It is not enough to be at peace with environment till we build foundation of living in harmony within our body and mind and planet earth. Our mission and goals gaash welfare foundation envisages a world in which all human race rises to the challenge of destruction of ecology and work towards maintaining balance of nature

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