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Ahsus Foundation, Morigaon

Add : 3, Milanpur
Tel :
Mobile : 97064 94170
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Ahad Ullah Hazarika
Purpose : Social Work.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Employment generation:- all the resources which are abandoned are to be edged/qualified by variousways when, where and by what so ever activities possible. To create awareness among them by holding awareness campaign, work shop, seminar, symposium, conference, convention etc. To encourage, emphasize, inspire the general educated to do something at their own for self employment and to others. To promote them as entrepreneur by providing the edp/esdp/msdp etc. Training to uplift their skill and quality of qualification and to provide necessary guidance and information?s. To prevent the nation from future unemployment problem may be arisen from the growing youth/student generation. Foundation will provide information of job etc. To needy, unemployed and will work for their benefits. The foundation will tie up with such organization which will enable to provide job to needy as and according to their qualification and eligibility. Education:- foundation will work for technology, innovation, up gradation for proper use of waste industrial resources. The foundation will provide awareness and counseling to student community along with the parents/guardians/teachers and social workers of each area to go for professional, technical, medical and all available job assured and prospective and potential line of education. To hold technical, vocational training and to provide training of degree, diploma, certificate courses which are permissible/admissible by aicte/directorate of technical education/dec/ncert etc. The foundation will work for meaningful education. Foundation will provide coaching, practice, lectures, demonstration, exhibition training, workshop etc. Etc. To the student and growing generation to make them fit to contest the all talent, test exam of the world and tosuccess and achieve. Foundation will setup academic institute, study centre, coaching centre, educational institute which ever be felt necessary at any places of india. All human resources are eligible of these communities to enjoy the programme of this foundation. Agriculture:- the foundation will work for implementation of advance agriculture process with thrushes to organic agro, horti, floriculture and fish culture productions. The foundation will work for all-round development of agriculture sector. The foundation will work for all-round development of farmers including engagement. Industry:- the foundation will work for massive industrialization, industrial activity and promotion. To emphasize the people and prospective entrepreneurs to use the agro & forest raw-materials abandonee available locally like jute, husk, paddy, straw and allied agro forest products by setting up of industries etc. Health and environment:- the foundation will work for good health and proper treatment of human being. Foundation will work for proper ecology and environment. To create awareness and prevent aids/hiv and other diseases. To develop interest in health, hygiene and physical fitness and nutrition. Women empowerment:- to promote the women who are housewife to an earning member of the family and productive & worthy citizen of Indiaby providing scope in the field of handloom & textile/bee keeping and other allied activities like gantry, poultry, fishery, animal husbandry etc. Etc. With proper guidance and training and specific procedures. To make them fit to fight against early marriage and easy marriage culture. To make them fit and eligible to fight against any injustice to them and to society and children section etc. Etc. To provide them all necessary educations, training, awareness etc. To provide them self resistant and eligible to fight & face any handles and problem. To provide them teaching for management of family, child care, health care etc. And for living in co-existent. Morality and culture:- the foundation will provide (to the illegible candidate even if he is an illiterate) the vocational and technical training of short term, midterm or long term with the help of concern govt. Department/ngo or foreign contribution. The foundation will work for the people to keep good moral character. Specially to promote the growing generation to be truthful. The foundation will work for the people to make liable, responsible, obedient and patriot to the nation. The foundation will work for national integrity and communal harmony. The foundation will work to establish a rich culture of society. The foundation will work for construction and productive work culture. To promote youth and adolescents in all concern of fields to make them fit citizen of Indiafor the days to come and make them eligible to contest international competition. To bridge the gulf that separates the alumni of modern institutions from products of religious institutions. Relief and rehabilitation:- the foundation will be active to provide relief, rescue recovery and rehabilitation to the affected/ victim by natural calamities and from any other reasons. And also to work for prevention, protection of such calamity and incidents and of epidemic debases arises any where & at any time. The foundation will rescue and recover the land and other properties and assets damaged/ruin from flood/erosion earthquake etc. To arrange shelter and security of all victims made from any causes. The foundation will work or develop such project and implement them for benefit of the nation from harm of national calamity, deserter etc. Social justice and welfare:- the foundation will counsel and advocacy for creation of resourceful human being (who are lagging behind) to be standardized up to the standard of advanced nation. To encourage secular, religious and democratic values. The foundation will work for social justice/equal justice to all. To promote effective and meaningful co-ordination among voluntary organizations and institutions in order to secure optimum results from collective efforts. Development of minority and other backward sections:- the foundation will work and provide more attention to lovelies the back ward section/community to the forward sections. To encourage weaker sections and minorities in the establishment of commercial and industrial enterprises. To promote literacy and education among muslims and other weaker sections of indian society. To suggest and assist for opening of remedial, coaching and enrichment classes in order to make the minorities students competitive. To make muslims aware of the schemes and programmes of the central, state and local government, and motivating them to take full benefit thereof. The minority and tribal community and all other backward section will be the thrust area for upliftment programme under this foundation. To keep fruitful liaison with authorities at different administrative levels and apprise them from time to time of the needs and grievances of the backward minorities. Information technology:- to establish the data-base required for properly planned development and to continue updating it. To map out the country in order to get clear idea of the access of the minorities in different areas to educational facilities and initiate action for getting these gaps filled in. The foundation will set up research & development centre for upliftment of the nation where is a gap and necessity. To motivate entrepreneur and businessmen to guide and impart training to prospective entrepreneurs, and seek out and involve retired personnel of society?s objectives. Awareness creation:- to print, publish, sell and distribute literature in the form of books, newspapers, journals, circulars, posters for the attainment of the above mentioned objects. To do all such lawful acts as are necessary or conductive to the attainment of any of the above objects. To create awareness, to make everybody patriot, responsible to nation and national integrity, amity for make the nation rich and strong.

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