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IndiaYouth For Society, Visakha Patnam

Add : 7-311-A, Hanumanthuwaka
Visakha Patnam
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 0802709797
Mobile : 99519 58686
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Mummana Jagadish Kumar
Purpose : Cancer Patients Help, Child Rights, E-Governance, E-Learning, Environment, Health, Hiv/Aids, Human Rights, Legal Awareness, Local Administration, Plantation, Volunteers, Waste Management, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision statement safeguarding our future generations with an inheritance of fresh air, clean water and a healthy life, iyfs exists for educating and influencing people, developing civic sense and sensitizing everyone about the importance of maintaining the integrity of the environment as a whole-life system. Mission : iyfs is dedicated to educate people in managing waste, harvesting rainwater, conserving energy, reducing plastics and safeguarding the environment. Iyfs also focuses on e-governance, traffic awareness, road safety and child rights. Our strategy arts: rallies, flash mobs, street plays, skits and songs, social events, dialogue : seminars and workshops literature: printing and distributing posters, banners, handouts, flyers. Media: print media, electronic media and social network, radio talk, website. Our campaigns message making each school student aware of good environment : as a campaign, message is an initiative to teach children about the importance of conservation ? water, energy and food. The goal is to stress not only on the importance of physical and mental well being of the children but also educating them about the benefits of eating and living hygienically. P4 (prevent polythene bags -protect planet): through this campaign, we aim to sensitize people on reducing the usage of surplus or one-off-use disposable plastic items in their day to day lives. Thankfully, through p4 campaign we can lower the amount of plastic-related chemicals in our bodies, our homes, and the environment?and the risks they present. Smart safety means alert on road in traffic this campaign has a target to reduce the amount of traffic accidents in the city and their consequences through road safety measures. It aims to increase the safety level on local roads, encourage walking and cycling in the city and improve the urban space. It focuses at reducing number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic and consequently decreasing the number of road accidents. Accident data were studied to identify safety actions necessary to achieve improvements and to determine how to implement speed reduction areas in the most effective way. Swap (solid waste awareness program): with swap, we aim to undertake and execute solid waste management projects in two municipal wards of the city. A recent survey conducted on the status of waste generation, and on the scope and benefits of segregation and recycling this material, has given birth to this campaign. We alert people about the improper handling of urban solid waste which is resulting in the rise in pollution of the atmosphere, surface and groundwater. Presently we are engaged in awareness creation activities in parks and public places through demos. H2o (harvest to overflow): with rapidly depleting groundwater levels and drying up of existing reservoirs, the city of vizag is staring at imminent water crisis. Iyfs has initiated an exercise and awareness campaign to promote rainwater harvesting methods, especially in newly developing areas. Social network : iyfsorg is our common id for all the social media and electronic communication. Kindly do contact us via email or any other apps.

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