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Ribhoi Area Welfare Association, Umsning

Add : Umsning
Ri Bhoi
Tel :
Mobile : 98634 59701
Website :
Contact Person : Benedict D Ranee
Purpose : Trafficking Of Women, Training, Women Development/ Welfare, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : RAWA being a non profit making organization,working hand in hand with the villagers, village headman, individual person interested in social work,government dept and different ngos and agencies for the welfare of the poor, the destitute, the needy and the distress people or broadly speaking for the community in general, the main objectives are as follows to maintain the unity and close understanding among the people of ribhoi district in particular in the state and country in general. To safe guard the rights and properties of individual irrespective of cast and creed to help and develop the traditional, khasiculture etc. To fight against antisocial elements and full render cooperation to the government in all mater relating to the good and clean administration in the villages/district and in the state as whole. To educate people in the arts of sports and sewing, knitting and rearing etc. To fight against illiteracy, poverty, ill health and ignorance,and uplift people for better through hard work and education to infuse the spirit of co-operation among men, women, youth and children. To establish an important vocational training centre in the trades of computer, tailoring, embroidery, knitting, weaving, carpentry, furniture, masonry, automobile, beekeeping, etc, to impart training for women, men and unemployed youth. To solved employment problem in the district in particular in the state and country in general. To encourage the people especially the educated youths to start their own business. Small scale industries /cottage industries/run of transport vehicles etc. Toeducate people for better planning and implementation of rural development programmes and the rights of responsibilities through mass media. To educate the people particularly the poor to play an effective role in rural development programme. To provide technical and financial guidance and assistance rather than implementing the programme. To encourage the people to adopt new method of cultivation and development of agricultural activities to render financial help to the needy and distressed people in time of calamity and hardship to educate the people for protecting and preservation the environment. Last but not the least,to work for the welfare of the community /society in general.

Mosonie Socio Economic Foundation, Ri- Bhoi

Add : Rajali Area, Pillangkata
Tel :
Mobile : 94025 15922
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Kaikha
Purpose : Agriculture, Art and Culture, Climate Change, Community Development, Development (General), Disadvantaged Communities, Education, Energy, Environment, Food and Nutrition, General – Social Welfare, Group Promotion, Health, Livelihood, Media, Natural Resource Management, Pollution.
Aim/Objective/Mission : The objects of the organization are as follows: to promote nonconventional practical education and social entrepreneurship in agriculture, ecological, adventure, health, tourism, mass media and other such relevant subjects of learning and specialization to sustainable livelihood. A scope to earn while learning, work at home and holiday out. To work in natural resources conservation and allied activities by promoting natural and organic farming considering the positive impact on health, socio economy, environment and mitigate climate change. To promote chartered villages (smart villages for smart north east India) by taking up sustainable developmental activities in villages and wherever our initiative is required. To promote initiative on re-engineering life-style and health care. To work on rights of the voiceless, marginalized, the unjustly deprived and promote peace and harmonious co-existence of all mankind. Vision mosonie envisions creating a smart north east India and defines smart as sustainably managed and rejuvenated transformation. Mosonie socio-economic foundation is established with the vision to maximize the holistic living of the individual and community at large. Established for the purposes of peoples corporate/shared development and common wealth, mosonie functions without regard to race, gender, nationality and political or religious affiliation. Mosonie believes in the potentials of each individual to reflect the image of god, dignity that is inherent in every person, the importance of the quality of human life and reviving the best in the natural world for the beneficial co-existence of all creatures. Thus mosonie beliefs in the philosophy ?less of yours and mine but more of ours. Mission socio economic re-architecturing north east India.

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