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Sapthapadi Seva Foundation for Rural Development, Vizianagaram

Add : Vuda Colony, Phase-3, 372- Contonment
Andhra Pradesh
Tel :
Mobile : 94400 19637
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : A P Aswani Kumar
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision the vision of sapthapadi seva foundation for rural development is ?a just society in which people live in dignity enjoying their equality and equity by exercising the entitlements and rights of development. Mission to establish and strengthen people-based organizations and institutions involving the tribal and other marginalized sections of population with a special emphasis on women and children and federating them to form a mass based movement which will advocate their socio-economic and political issues and problems for sustainable development. Goal a just society’ where empowered and self – reliant communities enjoy their due rights and exercise their power and control in eliminating oppression and exploitation. Aim to create community based organizations and strengthen them through awareness generation, need based socio-economic support and skill development to lead a self – reliant community life with mutual support and co-operation. Objectives: To educate children as well as grown up through suitable educational programmes. To develop under developed or backward areas of urban, rural and tribal and fishermen community people through integrated socio-economic activities in education, health, agriculture, developmental activities and thus to improve conditions of the people of the area. To extend relief and rehabilitation measures to the affected people in the affected areas in natural and man made calamities and disasters. To promote educational, vocational and rehabilitation programmes for child labourers, disabled, and distressed women. To impart awareness and functional education to the needy and weaker sections regarding health, water & sanitation, self hygiene, family control, legal rights, aids awareness, pulse – polio etc. To provide skill education and technical know how sustainable income generation and management of locally available resources. To avail financial assistance both from government, non-government and other funding agencies in India and abroad for implementing micro-finance and all the developmental programmes. To provide economic assistance to all needy poor and enable them to improve their income meet their basic needs. To organise women and promote savings and thrift programmes and initiate income generation programmes. To undertake community level organization for fostering unity and soliderity among all poor and oppressed people and enabling them to organise better management system of economy and local resources. To initiate and encourage women participation in all the fields social and developmental activities as that of men. To implement the appropriate technology and programmes and improve the skills in the youth and the women for their enterpreneuour ship development. To protect and promote afforestation and environment development. To take up programmes like watershed development, sustainable agricultural development, organic forming and the like to ensure sustainable development.

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