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Acumen Integrated Mission For Holistic Community Development, Hazaribag

Add : 3rd Floor Baban Complex, Korrha, Babu Gaon Chowk
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Mobile : 82923 78827
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Contact Person : Amit Kumar
Purpose : Agriculture, Education, Employment, General – Social Welfare, Human Development, Indigenous Knowledge, Industry, Irrigation, Minorities, Tribal Development, Tribal Issues, Women Development/Welfare, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To provide sound education to the children of all communities irrespective of their race, religions, cast or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through the all round physical intellectual, academic, mental and spiritual development based on values derived from the life. To start establish, run take over, or manage and maintain schools, with an object secondary senior secondary, and higher education to children by seeking recognition and affiliation from the education departments and concerned government authorities. To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid and help in the setting up the different kinds of schools, colleges, lecture halls and other establishments or institutions for advancement of education and of knowledge in arts, science, literature, humanities and all the useful subjects in all their manifestations. To establish farmers club, women? club & youth club. To help the farmers by providing them good quality seeds and also provide knowledge of the new agriculture techniques so as to maximize the yield in every calendar year. To arrange for the small and medium scale employment opportunities for the wives of the farmers so as to increase the standard of living of the people residing in the villages. To rehabilitate anti social elements, train them, provide them conducive environment to return to main stream and led a life of law abiding citizen. To bring the newly introduced technology to the farmers of the villages so as that be adopted by the villagers. To make travel and accommodation arrangements for the interested farmers to attend the various krishi related agriculture seminars and melas and make them aware of the new techniques and technology so that it be implemented for their benefit. To arrange and manage the training institutions in typing, short ? hand, computer information technology, fine arts, craft, music, painting, modeling, yoga, physical education and in their professional training subjects. To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities of awareness programs, adult education classes, lectures, essay competitions exhibitions, symposium, cultural programs, press conference and seminars. To provide food, clothing, medical aid stationery, transportations, libraries, laboratories, reading room, hostels play ground swimming pool and other required facilities to the students and also to the members of the society. To establish and manage various kinds of educational, vocational, industrial, agricultural, research and framing institutions to introduce and develop the professional courses and also to arrange/provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students, scholars, trainees and to other needy candidates. To establish, and to the develop such out of school activity centers for the children of the under privilege class/section of society where they could have the benefits and joy of participating in sports, games artistic activities, like clay and wood work, music, dance, painting and also organize educational trips. To organize professional courses for women/girls to train them into skills to earn livelihood and make effort to employ them in suitable enterprises etc. Institute scholarships and help to deserving students and to institute and award prizes, in recognition of excellence in academic performance of students. To meet traveling, boarding and lodging expenses for the students going abroad for higher education and also help them in all possible ways. To set up centers for old age people for their proper caring. To promote fine art, crafts among the public including establishment and maintenance of shilpa shikshalayas, kala kendras (relating to music, dance & modeling) etc. To follow the ideology of great men and national leaders who scarified their lives for the causes of depressed, deprived, sc & st and other community/backward classes, minority groups and for other needy people. To provide free concessional education to the poor, helpless and needy children/students. To engage, employ or hire appropriate staff, workers, legal or other professionals, attorneys, managers and agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the society and to pay their wages, salaries stipends or fees. To receive financial assistance (in the shape of loan or otherwise) from government, non-government organizations, banks or any other legal entity or individual on reasonable terms and conditions. To borrow or receive money (with interest or without interest) and upon such terms and condition as are approved by the government body of the society. To accept donations, grants, presents and other offerings (in the shape of movable or immovable properties) and the same shall be utilized by the promotion of aims and objects of the society. To raise funds and resource for the attainment of any of the aims and objects of the society by all lawful means including investment of the funds, donation, fund ? raising campaigns, cultural programs, sale of literature, property development, rent from the building etc. To conduct research in education and other discipline with different subjects relating to education. To arrange and organize social, cultural, educational and child welfare programs/activities from time to time. To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazine, periodicals, news papers and other publications on different subjects and in different languages. To conduct coaching classes for preparation of the various competitive examinations. To make correspondences in lawful manner to solve the problems of the society like recognition of the schools/ institutions engaged by the above society. To erect, construct, after maintain, sell/lease, mortgage, transfer improve, manage and/or develop all or any part of the property/ building of the society for attainment of aims and objects of the society. To purchase/acquired land for different establishments and to construct building/churches thereon for the cause of society. To purchase construct the building, hostels, houses or structures and/or modify, renovate the building or alter such existing buildings as may be necessary for the purpose of the society and to maintain such building in good condition. To purchase or hire permanently or temporarily and vehicle or vehicles for transportation. To do or perform any other act which may be incidental or completive to the attainment of any of the object of the above society. To approach concerned authorities regarding the solution of problems of the society or the problems of the adaivasi community, general public. To provide social-economic help/assistance to poor and needy people. To provide free medical aid and start charitable hospital dispensary for the general welfare of general public. To arrange activities for the safety of wild animals, and to make improvement in safety of the wild animals and to show mercy towards them. To provide electricity and water facilities in locality. To make arrange for the roads in the rural area of the locality and to approach the concerned authorities to regularize the colonies. To arouse the general public towards the aids and to inform the general people about the dangerous deceases of the aids and to make arrangement for safety of the same. To work on prevention, awareness, early identification, diagnosis, rehabilitation, vocational training, education & training, infrastructure development and all other welfare work for different disabilities. To work on awareness, prevention, training and treatment of aids, cancer, drug addiction, malaria, diseases. To work for development of sanitation, cleanness, personal development, education & training, self employment, tribal welfare in the state. All the income, earning, movable & immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards of the promotion of its aims and objects as set for in the memorandum of association. No profit on there of shall be paid or transferred directly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or future members of the society or any person, through any one or more of the present of the future members. No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the society or make any profit whatsoever by virtue of this membership.

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