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Trilochanpur Association for Development In Social Welfare, Paschim Medinipur

Add : Chakkripan, Chakpurusottam, Debra
Paschim Medinipur
West Bengal
Tel : 03225-200099
Mobile : 94333 29109
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Banamali Patra
Purpose : Working Strategy Of The Organization: Adsw S Strategy Is To Ensuring Active Community Participation Of Beneficiaries Towards Integrated Sustainable Development Along With Mobilizing Biological, Physical and Natural Resources. Following Are The Working Startegy: Diagnosis Of Problems Through Participatory Approaches.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision of the organization: to build a world where every person has his/her access to basic amenities and to empower the backward women, children and communities in order to improve their quality of life. Mission of the organization: through constant professional endeavors, empower the sections of the community lagging behind to access state-of-the-art rehabilitation intervention viz, education, healthcare, community development, nutrition and livelihood development ensuring active community participation. We believe in developing and working with networks at community, national and international level. Objectives of the organization: to promote and encourage advancement of cultural, literacy, scientific and technical education. The society is absolutely as non-profit seeking organization and the society shall work for the overall welfare and all-round development of the vulnerable section of the society including sc, st, and obcs (especially economically aged helpless backward class people) and to promote sustainable development. To provide education to all types of children including adult women and disabled children by setting up educational institutions & libraries. To work for the rural enlistment by improving basic health, sanitation, safe water supply, irrigation, agriculture, cottage and village industries and other items of social welfare. To facilitate the people to get existing available resources and welfare schemes from different govt. Departments & other welfare societies. To help and assist the poor and needy students for prosecution of studies and assist the school drop-out children by bringing back in to the formal school with community support. To organize health-check up clinics for the poor people in collaboration with govt, other ngos followed by awareness generation on rch, pulse polio, hiv/aids and other diseases. To help and assist the aged, widows, sick, helpless and indigent person through health care service and other rehabilitation programs an alleviate suffering of the community. To empower the community through formation and mobilization self help groups [shgs] and capacity development through skill development vocational trainings. Philosophy: core guiding philosophy of the organization is development through self-help. The

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