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Research and Advocacy Centre for Environment, Kolkata

Add : F-2, Aryasa, 121/18/2, Purbachal Kalitala Road
West Bengal
Tel :
Mobile : 70443 04271
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Dr. Gautam Bhattacharya
Purpose : Agriculture, Climate Change, Community Development, Development (General), Disaster Management, Environment, Gender, Indigenous Knowledge, Livelihood, Micro-Enterprises, Natural Resource Management, Plantation, Poverty, Rehabilitation.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To undertake interdisciplinary research and developmental studies on various aspects of environment and plan for the development. To conduct research and development directed towards improvement of indigenous technologies and introduce new and alternative technologies relevant to the environmental, social and economic needs of the society. To plan for sustainable development, management and conservation of natural resources including land, water and forest resources for betterment of human life. To implement various programmes on development of economical and environmental condition of rural and urban areas. To generate employment/income and improve the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged people in the society. To organize poor people including women in formation of self help group and grass root organization and taking capacity building measures for different activities to improve the quality of life and condition of environment. To shape and enable holistic, sustainable development with focus on vulnerable and neglected communities and ecosystem. To ensure the provision of training, services and livelihood to overcome the problems of women. To implement various programmes and create awareness for improvement in the health condition and educational status of the people. To create awareness and provide training and education on different issues of environment and development. To arrange and organize workshops, seminars, conference and training programmes on various issues related to development of environment, social and economic condition of society. To initiate partnership and cooperation with go, ngo and international organisation in the process of development. To encourage professional support and networking in all aspects of development to create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation, equity, mutual harmony, unity, love, affection and peace among people in the process of development.

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