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Awakening Special Universal Education

Add.: Alice Project School – Singhpur, Sarnath
Pin: 221007
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 91-542-2595063
Mobile: 91-99759 18773
Contact Person: Valentino Giacomin
Purpose : Education
Aims/Objectives/Mission : We believe that the world today has no option other than to change the educational paradigm in order to solve the psychological, social and moral crisis of the new generations. The educational system of many western and eastern countries seems unable to reverse the negative trend which shows an alarming increase in mental suffering. In a parallel way, the Earth is suffering as well. For instance, farmers around this school have not been able to grow rice for two years now due to the scarcity of water. Almost all our rivers and ponds are dry. All the wells have also gone dry! It is a time of emergency! We believe that for environmental or psychological crisis of the nature we are experiencing, we need an emergency pedagogy based on the values of dharma. Let

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