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CHERISH, Hyderabad

Add.: 201, A-3
Pin: 500057
Mobile: 91-98662 68700
Contact Person: Neelima Simhadri
Purpose : To provide health, education and rehabilitation of impoverished and struggling humans.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : To bring the impoverished and struggling human back to the main stream of the society. To stimulate public awareness and draw attention to the needs and problems of street children: To establish positive relationships between the child and his/her family and envionment and stimulate in them a deep motivation to grow as a normal person: To provide street children in crisis with immidiate interventions and access to basic services: To improve their levels of social functioning and quality of life with their families: To preparethem as young adults for employment and economic self sufficiency through skilltraining and job placement or self employment in income generating project. To provide health education nutrition and rehabilitation to the needy especially the women and children.

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