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Shabnam Youth & Sports Club, Talwara

Add : Talwara, Mukerian
Tel :
Mobile : 73555 00468
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Parveen
Purpose : Anti Drug Campaign, Art and Culture, Awareness Generation, Community Development, Cultural Heritage. , Development (General), Education, Employment, Environment, General – Social Welfare, Health, Hiv/Aids, Plantation, Rural Development, Science and Technology, Social Awareness, Training, Women’S Issues, Yoga, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To support and facilitate education amongst all especially to backward class. To undertake and help all type of prolific researchers work in collaboration with other in institutions & organizations regarding education in rural and urban area. To carryout socio-economic cultural, educational and research work based on the gandhian philosophy of secular principals a and to make the people conscious about them. To organize literacy programmes and their by encouraging the youth and old to be literate. To undertake vast study and work on the cultural heritage, factionalism, equality, social solidarity and economic of the rural and urban people. To eliminate sick and impaired knowledge about evils and unhealthy customs, traditions, superstitions, unsociability, dowry practices, child labor, child marriage and the like so. To up lift economic status by vocational training and encouraging co-operative societies. To make the people conscious of the problems of the nation and its various planes/programmes through popular mass media system to refresh the people mind towards new horizons of vision about adoptability to new ideas family planning, child and women welfare, birth control, dowry prohibition and other socio economic beneficiary programmes. To support and undertake the health programme of all particularly in the field of health education, sanitation, hygienic living condition by establishing institutions depending upon the requirement of the places and people. It cover leprosy /hiv-aids eradication and rehabilitation programme. To help relief and protect people from natural calamities like drought, famine, earthquake, flood, and tornado and from other round distressed conditions with in the capacity of the society. To undertake pilot and research work in agricultural field. It included availability of water resources in relation to year around utilization of the land and soil. To promote plantation and there by enhancing the soil conservation programmes. To carry out different measures by teaching the people to eliminate the alarming consequences of pesticides and making them aware of the proper way of use of pesticides and by adopting new scientific technology in agriculture field. The network will carried out to project the environment pollution and health hazards. To uplift the working condition of the land lees tillers by launching programmes for land resources and by providing with them agriculture apparatus. To undertake all possible type of research works, plant programmes measure to project the environment from condition of the people. To organize wide range training programmes covering all type and mode of training in various fields like agriculture, sanitation, living condition, hygienic system, cultural, physical, income generation programmes also includes launching of training programmes. To undertake various work load and policies in order to facilitate the govt. Programme of building and helping co-operative societies by raising peoples participation. It is meant to find out the cause of the upliftment and better functioning. To keep liaison with organization/govt. /non govt. Agencies and developing a consultancy services. To establish public utility services like education centers, cultural/sports complex, old age home, women shelter, vocational training center and other rural development institutions. Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in the field of social welfare i. e rural development by achieving professional. Excellence and the ability to consistently fulfill our targeted population s need. To ensure social justice, equity and human rights in the provision and distribution of health services to all, with emphasis on the less privileged millions. To develop sustainable and innovative strategies to ensure health and overall community development in remote and vulnerable areas through various grass root level initiatives. To promote and strengthen a medically rational, culturally acceptable and economically sustainable health care system in the working area. Health policy research and policy interventions for a cost- effective promotive and preventive health care system. Supporting voluntary efforts through formation and strengthening of similar developmental initiatives. Initiating sustainable health and development programmes at the grassroots. Effective networking with administrative and voluntary organizations.

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