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Socrates Foundation for Enhanced Learning, Pune

Add : E1, Telecom Officers Colony, Janwadi
Tel : 020-25631100
Mobile : 94223 01900
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Vineet Mathur
Purpose : Education, Science And Technology, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Socrates Foundation For Enhanced Learning is a ?not for profit organization? registered under bombay trust act 1950. Our mission is ‘to initiate young minds to the simple, yet powerful techniques of critical thinking, which will help them take rational decisions not only in their personal lives, but equip them to contribute to the well-being of the society and country as a whole’. Started by mrs. Charu mathur, an educationist with more than 27 yrs of teaching experience, a fulbright scholar & nasa educator, this organization endeavours to inculcate the habit of creative and critical thinking in children & to equip them with the tools necessary to develop their leadership, communication & problem solving skills. This is done through activities specially designed to develop an inquiring mind & attitude, creativity and wisdom. Socrates foundations also seeks to transform the learning process by helping students, teachers, administrators, parents and others interested in education and promoting critical thinking, to implement best practices in learning and teaching. The shift from the industrial age to the knowledge age has compelled us to equip ourselves with new competencies and skills indispensable in today?s globalized economy. With the advent of technology, it is imperative to bring about a change in pedagogy patterns shifting from traditional textbook based learning to adaptive 21st century learning. The workshops are designed around the 3 higher order learning hierarchies of blooms? taxonomy framework ie. Analyzing, evaluating and creating. Each individual session is meticulously planned and undertaken by domain experts who not only give information to the children, but also carry out activities which encourage them to think, analyze, create & find solutions.

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