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Research & Implementation Society for Human Improvement,Pune

Add.: 38, Mumbai Pune Road
Pin: 411003
Phone: 91-20-58439301
Contact Person: Omkar Ramtirthkar
Purpose : Multi disciplinary organisation.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : To conduct research activities pertaining to the socio-economic aspects of the poor, vulnerable, neglected and oppressed communities of such as: small, marginal and landless farmers living in the watersheds, drought prone, coastal areas or n forested areas of (rural) tribals living in both urban and rural area of slum and pavement dwellers (who are poor), street children living in urban areas of child labourers, drop-out children from schools malnourished children of poor families living in both urban and rural areas of. The status of environment in relation to its impact on poor and neglected communities of rural and urban areas of. Further to make plans and construct various schemes (based on the research activities as stated above and as a part of it, through appropriate planning techniques directed towards. Poverty alleviation improvement in the housing status of slum and pavement dwellers (who are poor. Rehabilitation of street children in particular and child laborers in general. Improvement in status of women in poor families by stopping atrocities against them. Preservation and up gradation of environment. To take concrete steps for the implementation of the schemes made by this Society in the concerned areas for the concerned communities and for the preservation and for the up gradation of the environment. Further take concrete steps for evaluating projects which will give accurate feedback on the nature and type of changes in the concerned areas and communities. To assist government agencies at any level, tier and other agencies, firms companies, etc be it national or international in formulating plans for various development activities directed towards positive changes in those communities for which this society, trust wishes to develop. Further to assist these agencies in implementation of the schemes constructed by this society, trust. Further it is also made clear that this society tryst shall implement those schemes already made by this society, trust and those made by the different types of agencies as stated above, directed towards those areas of development in which this society, trust desires to work. To conduct seminars, workshops, etc this will be beneficial for this society trust to enhance their knowledge by interacting with each other. To pblish the experiences, research works, planning techniques, development thoughts etc through journals, books, periodicals, etc whereby it will enable this society trust to reach wide range of people. To conduct educational programmes for teaching and training youth about the problems and processes in the field of child development highlighting problems like child labour, street children drop-out from schools, malnourishment in children of poor families, as well as vulnerable and neglected communities, child and infant mortality. Further to impart skills to them on the methods of planning, implementation, administration and evaluation in the field of child development. To enter into contracts with individuals, firms companies, societies, institutions, government agencies and other agencies be it national or international, which further the purpose of this society trust.

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