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Pain Relief Foundation, Nagpur

Add.: 205, Himalaya Enclave, 1, Shivajinagar
Pin: 440010
Phone: 91-712-2221216
Contact Person:? CS Ramanuj Asawa
Purpose : Pain relief through acupressure by rolling pencil on fingers and toes.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : I am a company secretary by profession, acupressure therapist by hobby, human by nature. I take this opportunity to inform you the success i am getting in acupressure. I have been pursuing this hobby for the last one year to alleviate the pain of people in general. The method I apply is simple. I roll pencil with a little pressure on the fingers of the person suffering with pain or ailment. In seconds and minutes the pains are gone. Anyone can do this by watching the live videos. There is lot of misery (Dukh) and pain (Dard) in this world. The misery can be due to one’s own karma of past or present or something else. One has to adjust to his/ her situation and there is no alternative. Any pain can be cured through acupressure and any kind of ailment can be cured without taking medicines, either by acupressure, auto urine therapy, naturopathy, aasan & pranayam and meditation or all of these combined together. I am not reiterating what others claim in books, rather I’ve had a first-hand experience of all these. More than 6000 ailing persons have been cured by me and my family so far. The major achievements are: Relieving pain of a woman who was suffering from bodily pains for the last 18 years. Curing a 65 year old woman of paralysis in 15 minutes. She could walk without support and all the unwanted sensations were gone and she slept soundly for 4 hours immediately after the treatment. Also cured a woman who suffered due to paralysis for 9 months. It took four sittings but she is walking properly now. Relief in toe, finger, heel, feet pain in mere one-two minutes. Relief in case of stiff neck. A person suffering from Parkinson could walk normally as against just limping before the treatment. A person could ride scooter after ten years, normal sensations restored in the leg. Now I want to take it further and to cover the whole globe within a period of five years. I already got invitation to visit Seattle (USA) from a friend for holding workshop in the coming summer. If you believe in what I am doing you may organising my workshops in your company, community, social group or elsewhere. The guidelines for workshops are attached for your ready reference. Money raised will be used for propagation of the cause and for setting up centers. Your help will go a long way in relieving the pains of suffering masses.

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