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Artivist, Mumbai

Add.: B-4, Abhishek
Pin: 400057
Mobile: 91-98925 00336
Contact Person:? Rsihi Deshpande
Purpose : Making films based on issues related to children. and create awareness amongst people.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : We, in India are expecting a better tomorrow; to achieve that we need to be a better society first, and we need to create a better generation next. Children are the key. How much are we doing for this key future resource? How much importance do we give to children?s needs, demands, and rights? Yes, we do give them importance in our advertising; we do give them importance as per our convenience. Do we aim at making a good human being out of our children rather than a successful child? Or in other words are we good human beings or just successful? What kind of role models do they have? What do they get to see everyday in the newspaper, on the tv, in films. Are we catering to these needs? Are we focusing genuinely on ?their? problems / issues? These problems might sound tiny/ unimportant or sometimes not even sound like ?problems? to us. But for them they are very important. and we need to give it a thought. We have to at least let them voice their issues.

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