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Sri Byraweshwara Youth and Integreted Assoiation, Tumkur

Add : Kodagadala, Madhugiri
Tel : 0813-728355
Mobile : 94485 22151
Email: byais11@gmail.comb
Website :
Contact Person : M. Lokesh Kumar
Purpose : Agriculture, Awareness Generation, Cow Protection Centre (Goushala), Disability, Education, Grants/Aids, Old Aged Welfare, Rural Development, Development/Welfare, Women’S Issues public service.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Genreted help & econamical condition of poor &needy rural pepoples,like students, womens,disbelty pepole, and also want giveawerness programes, agriculture, food processing, training, job oriented, old age persons welfare, making of womens, womens issues, womens devolpment etc.

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