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Samaj Hit Kalyan Samiti, Bokaro Steel City

Add : Abhinandan, A-7, Biada Housing Colony
Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro
Tel :
Mobile : 82352 66818
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Sanjay Choudhary
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision creating awareness and advocacy about the rights and ensuring the development of all, women in particular at the grass-root level. Aims & objectives to empower the human being through dissemination of knowledge, information and provide free educational facilities through various systems of formal, non formal, adult social and spiritual institutions and all other methods of education using both ancient and modern techniques and systems. To aware, educate and empower the general masses for action towards eco-restoration, environmental protection and against threats of all kinds of pollution. To start and accelerate sustainable and holistic developmental process with participatory approach. To undertake free developmental work in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, herbal plantations & preparations, aquaculture, nature care, animal husbandry, amenities and allied activities embebbed with health & hygiene, environmental protection and ecological sustenance. To create and provide the opportunity for various sections of the society through developmental activities, services rendered to various organizations involved in promotion of agro forestry, art, literature, culture, science & technology & communication. To provide free training to sc, st, obc & general men, women and unemployed youths of weaker sections and slum people in different trade like book binding, sewing, cutting, knitting, toy making, painting, embroidery, candle making lather works, pickles making, preparation of jam and jelly for their self & economical development. To educate people for the eradication of social evils like dowry system, child marriage, drug addiction and system of child labourers. To provide relief measures to the needy affected persons during natural calamities like flood, fire, famine and earthquake. To make people health conscious by providing primary health education and make them aware of false notions and stigma attached to diseases like t. b, leprosy, cancer, kalazar and aids and for this pupose establish free health checkup camp, pulse & polio drop distribution centre, family planning camp, eye camp and vaccinations camp in the rural & tribal areas. To provide free training of small scale, vocational, cottage industries, handicraft to unemployed youths & women, widows, handicapped persons, for their self employment. To establish & manage free libraries, reading rooms, common rooms, anganbadi, balbadi centre, old age homes, orphanage homes for the benefit of sc, st, obc and general men, women and children of all communities. To organise seminars, debates, conference and meetings for the purpose education in the area of basic health, drug abuses, rules of health and spiritual development on free of cost.

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