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Hemu Foundation, Ranchi

Add : Satyari Toli, Road No.1, Solanki
Tel :
Mobile : 80511 19970
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Shyamal Herenz
Purpose : Advocacy On Social Issues, Agriculture, Art And Culture, Awareness Generation, Climate Change, Community Development, Employment, Forest Management, Governance, Human Rights, Library, Livelihood, Old Aged Welfare, Tribal Development, Tribal Issues, Water, Women’S Issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Values & principle Hemu Foundation will be based on values of love, justice, equality, and respect for human rights, gender equity, transparency, accountability and mutual trust. It will work on the principles of participation, ownership, non-violence, inclusiveness, dignity and self-respect. History & growth Hemu Foundation is an offshoot of the conscious and strategic effort made by various development actors in torpa, karra, murhu of khunti district, gumla, ghagra, block of gumla district and simdega block of simdega district in Jharkhand state. The process started in the year 200since then Hemu Foundation has taken several steps to strengthen the peoples organization. One of the key to these efforts was formation and strengthening of peoples?s organisations at local level and emphasis upon stabilization of agriculture related activities by the poor and vulnerable sections and local self governance. Hemu Foundation as an organization has just completed one decade of its existence although it has been formally registered in the year 201it is inspired by visionary efforts initiated by our beloved friend late hemant horo. Guided by his valuable & big contribution towards social empowerment initiatives. Our team have carry forward his vision for a good society. Now it is a structure with the strong backing of another village level people?s organizations who are part of the of Hemu Foundation. It has responded to the fast changing socio-economic and political context by adopting appropriate strategies enabling it to always be on the side of the poor and the marginalized and address their real needs. Hemu Foundation is the outcome of sustained effort by our team. Now it has emerged as a organization with diverse mandate and would carry forward the process. Vision Hemu Foundation believes in creating a just society where poor, women the marginalized and underprivileged move towards quality of life with dignity and extending a hand in times of natural calamities and also strives to bring a holistic development in the society. It will provide opportunities and avenues for poor and marginalized people and their networks to raise critical issues of concern at various level. Mission assist the poorest of the poor and the needy towards alleviation of suffering, upliftment of the deprived, disabled, marginalized affected by ill health, social unrest, natural calamities irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion. We support sustainable livelihood measures and respond to the environmental issues. We care for adivasi (tribal), marginalized, poor, women, children & underprivileged people. We support and facilitate for just and sustainable society through creating opportunity and participation, based on awareness, networking, linkage, capacity building. We mobilize resources in favour of poor and optimize all potentials and capacities for strengthening their organizations and partners. We respond to any type of disaster and calamities.

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