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Pedagogy Educational & Welfare Society, Kinnaur

Add : US Complex, Near Main Bus Stand, Reckong Peo
Himachal Pradesh
Tel : 0178-6223875
Mobile : 98160 24500
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Akbar Singh Negi
Purpose : Social Work.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Establish and to run a babysitting, pre-nursery, nursery, primary and high school, collage, evening collage, technical institutes, adult education, commerce education, medical education, research education, vocational education, computer education, management education etc. Run, take over or manage, erect, equip and maintain or contribute towards establishments, erection, equipment and maintenance of schools, bal-mandirs, libraries, free reading rooms faculties, departments, chairs, lectureship, fellowships, institutes and programs of study with an object to provide sound higher education to children by seeking recognition and to give instruction and training in all branches of knowledge and learning. Run medical, law, emergency and school of nursing,, b.ed., cbse, hpbose, isc, school and residential school, etc. Promote literacy, research, scientific, cultural and social improvement of all classes, by providing facilities for reading, library, competitions, concerts, lectures and entertainment. Publishing useful literacy work for the welfare development of st & sc peoples and also for women and child welfare (including rehabilitation programs) and propagation of the addiction programs planning open educational institutions explore the talent of younger generation in the field of cultural literacy activities apart from regular studies. Develop and encourage all types of cultural and literary activities like music, painting, photography, videography, cinematography, journalism mass communication and so on by opening educational and training institutions in above mentioned respective fields. Arrange and manage the training institution in typing, short hand, computer, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling, dancing, yoga, physical education and in other professional training subjects. Conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects relating education. Set up computer centre for advanced computing, laborites spread computer literacy and progression of knowledge skills in the field of computer science of technologies. Promotion of culture, preservation of science, literature and tribal heritage. Promote the course of information technology education and research in an integrated manners. Print or publish or get printed or reprinted books on indian culture, history, literature, philosophy, traditional science/knowledge, system of thought, exoteric language of others. Dissemination of useful knowledge, cultural education, maintenance of library or reading rooms for general use among the members and collection of natural history. Promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programmes, adult education classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions. Symposiums, cultural programmes, press conferences and seminars. Women and child welfare programs. Promote higher education. Work for the tribal rights, global peace, universal brotherhood and national integration. Organize, run and manage projects on environment and environmental pollutions. Open, organize and manage charitable dispensaries, first-aid centre, blood donation camp, medical camps from time time and generate awareness among people regarding thalassemia, cancer, hiv/aids, std, tb, etc. Render relief the victims of suffering on the time of famine, flood, drought, earth quick, cyclones, other natural calamities. Publish newspaper, journals, magazines, periodically. Provide for search and present the world the true image of tribal culture, philosophy, traditions and institutions beliefs by publicity through various possible methods. Promote and review the various classical and folk dances, dramas, music, arts, crafts and xylographic works. Work for poor, needy and rural development. Organize culture programs at national and international level for cultural exchange and for the protection of cultural heritage of india. Spread awareness amongst member and public against evil i.e. Hiv/aids, terrorism, population control, gender injustice, corruption, drug addiction, environment conditions, child labour illiteracy and contemporary issues etc. Carry out all activities on welfare basis without any discrimination on the basis of casts, creed of colour. Work for the development of youth and reconstruction of nation. Promote prizes, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries and funds for the purpose of promoting and improving the education of all branches of knowledge and learning. For the purpose of association may establish educational institute different kind of different levels as when they required. Engage, employee or hire appropriate staff, workers, legal experts and other professionals, attorneys, managers and agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the society and pay their wages, salaries, stipends or fees. Arrange and organize various kinds of child welfare programmes/activities. The educational society emphases and the establishment or uranic, religious and social institution with job oriented courses and paramedical institute. Purchase/acquire the land and/or the building in the name of the society and make construction thereupon. Facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between members and the society and the community in general by holding lectures, seminars, discussion groups or other means, establish and maintain libraries of pertinent publications. Do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive the attainment of any of the object of the society. Provide for high quality teaching and research and for the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination through various research programmes. Institute and award visitorship, fellowship, exhibits, prizes and medals. Prescribe courses and curricula for various courses of studies and provide for flexibility in the education system. Co-operate with other national and international institutions in the conduct of research and higher education. Take decisions regarding the admission of students for the courses offered by the society. Develop linkages with the industry for fulfillment of the objectives of the society.

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