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Suraksha Environment Protection Trust, Sirsa

Add : Preetam Palace Ke Piche, Friends Colony, Near Disha School, Hissar Road, Khearpur
Tel :
Mobile : 88138 80888
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Bhanwar Lal Swami
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : To work for maintenance of ecological balance by preservation of animals, birds, living species, trees and plants. To educate the people about the importance of environmental control. To educate the people to get rid off all types of pollution like water, air and noise and to find their remedies. To cultivate and encourage to cultivate medicinal plants and to educate the people about their utility. To stop cruelty on wild life animals and other living species and arrange to get declaration regarding national protection from the government. To educate the rural youth about environment protection and to educate them regarding cultivation of medicinal plants and other plants which proves helpful in environment protection and control. Make every efforts for protection of ancient indian culture, historical heritage, classical music, ancient way of living and ancient languages. To work for the welfare of tribes and neglected class of people and also to work for the welfare of women. To make aware the people regarding environment welfare laws and laws to prevent illicit slaughter of animals and incidents of cruelties to animals. To create public awareness and sensitization of young people to animal welfare issue. To give emergency relief to the animals during natural calamities. To inform law enforcement agencies and to keep close liaison with them and to work in close coordination with them for protection of the animals. To make arduous study and training for the protection and prevention of individual animal and whole species. To make arrangements for observing, tagging and banding birds or wildlife or surviving animals. To do all other acts and deeds, which generally are required to be done to fullfill the above aims. Provide always and it is hereby declared that if any one or more of the objects specified above are held not to carry out such objects or objects, as if the same are not incorporated in these presents the validity of trust for public and charitable purposes shall not be affected in any manner.

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