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Shree Nijanand Education Seva Trust, Mahisagar

Add : Malamhudi, Aantalwada, Kadana
Tel :
Mobile : 98256 54179
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Ashok Pranami
Purpose : Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Ayurveda, Cow Protection Centre (Goushala), Development (General), Distance Learning, E-Learning, Education, Food And Nutrition, Gender, General – Social Welfare, Health, Herbal Medicine, Human Development, Human Rights, Local Administration, Local Self Governance (Panchayati Raj), Mentally Handicapped Persons, Old Aged Welfare, Public Administration, Rehabilitation, Social Awareness, Society And Economy, Tribal Development, Tribal Issues, Volunteers, Women Development/Welfare, Women’S Issues, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Shree Nijanand Seva Trust registered in 2014 as an educational trust under bombay public act 1860. The corporate office is located at malamhudi. The trust is, one of the india’s leading non-profit making educational trusts, active in the field of professional and world class quality of technical education. Shree Nijanand Seva Trust has been conceived because of the perceived need to impart the very best quality of education, cow ranch, blood donation camp in the field of programmed. Extensive research and need based training and management development programmed have also been included in the mission of the trust. Educational under development of a different type of organization purpose. Day – unhappy with the food aid purpose, medical treatment of all types of medical and relief relating to the treatment of focal. Social and useful as well as help to place all the possible efforts to every vere religion undertake all efforts to raise awareness innocent animal to provide for animal disease diagnosis camps for water and birds cabutara well advised to transfer water from the water kund. To raise awareness of the special program for addiction and addiction to rid the society of young people, the elderly, etc. Natural or man-made disasters, to provide the necessary help for all mankind. Balwadi andganvadi as well as children of primary school will take care of the nutritional content of food to be found. Legal advice centers, etc. Sundersatha the entire mankind and all are glad that shri nijanand education seva trust pleasure to service for the whole of mankind is going to perform. These objectives and provide emergency assistance to the desires of your help. Reasons to understand the organization of our service participation non political appeal.

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