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Jagruti Vikas Trust, Ahmedabad

Add : A-404, Mulberry Habitat, New CG Road, Chandkheda
Tel :
Mobile : 98240 36322
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Manish Chauhan
Purpose : Child Rights, Child Welfare, Women Development/Welfare, Women’S Issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Agruti vikas trust works in the areas on the issue of protection of women against domestic violence in marginalized communities. Secondly, we also work for child education, peace and communal harmony. In the initial years we have been supported by the local community and donors. With times jagruti has moved to rights-based approach from a service delivery model. As per the need of the area and requirement of the people, this organization has decided to focus on awareness of the people about their rights and entitlements and to create a healthier society especially for marginalized women and children. By the process of rethinking on the perspective, Jagruti Vikas Trust has also decided to expand its work through establishing field centers and sub centers. The approach of jagruti vikas trust has been to mobilize the marginalized communities and make them aware of their rights and entitlements by forming and strengthening their community based organization such as women self help groups and village development committees. These cbos raise various issues that are the root cause of the disempowering and marginalization of their community of the area. The local resource persons were identified for providing issue-based awareness to the cbos. They were identified and the leaders were trained on related issues like nrega, food entitlements, right of women to own land and property etc. Jagruti vikas trust is working with an overall mission to develop self-reliant communities through a self-help approach particularly for women. Our strategy includes implementing programs on improving economic status, holistic health and hygiene, strengthening the earning capacity of women. Promote activities relating to the women empowerment in rural communities as well as urban and semi urban areas. Strengthen people s institutions at the village level. Enhance empowerment of local women through holistic health, economic empowerment and education. As our organization starts to expand geographically, the field centers will be established.

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