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We Welfare Society, New Delhi

Add : 84a, Single Storey, Ramesh Nagar
New Delhi
Tel :
Mobile : 99995 35393
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Neha Kala
Purpose : Advocacy On Social Issues, Awareness Generation, Child Welfare, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cultural Issues, Development (General), Disadvantaged Communities, Environment, General – Social Welfare, Health, Human Development, Infrastructure, Legal Awareness, Medical Relief, Old Aged Welfare, Peace, Plantation, Pollution, Population, Poverty, Social Awareness, Volunteers, Women Development Welfare.
Aim/Objective/Mission : We welfare society is a initiative to bring alike minded people who would like to contribute towards the betterment of the society. We welfare society is a national level development organisation. We target unswervingly to benefit Indiathrough our mission which is to is to promotes & catalyses universal welfare & creates the process to embrace the women, oldies, children & needy into mainstream in a sustained manner & spreading wellness, awareness & happiness & ultimately facilitates them to emerge as productive assets & set the foundation for a strongest nation building. To achieve our goal we aim to mainline various projects based on healthcare, education, women empowerment, awareness preciously we target to cover 3 different arena of topics which are health, social & moral as thinking starts from here only and develop a human being. We welfare society as it is clear by the name is an initiative which would contribute towards the welfare of the society in terms of awareness, respect, health and education on kids, senior citizens, women & few of the left out from the society whom we had been thank less so far. So far what we could understand by the term welfare is doing something good for someone but do we really do so we all are very much occupied in fighting for survival for ourselves & have completely forgotten our social responsibility we aim to spread awareness about organ donation in india, provide shelters in nearby future to the ones who desperately need it, education to the one who can?t afford it, awareness to the ones who have no knowledge, food to the ones who are hungry, medical facilities to the ones who cannot afford it. Ultimately the focus is the improvisation of the social standard of Indiaour parent land. The issue in Indiafrom the ancient ages is rich are getting richer day by day whereas the poor are striving for their daily needs even. Where in rich die due to access of money & poor due to shortage of the same. If we particularly talk about new Delhi, the capital of Indiaand a place from the entire politics is being managed and ran from ages still have numerous issues few are addressed as our mentioned here.

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