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Jaya Prakash Memorial Centre

Add: 156, Ward No 4, Bastar Division, Kirandul
Pin: 494556
Contact Person:
Purpose: Recognized consumer organization to protect the intrest of consumers.
Aim/Objective/Mission: To organize and unite the persons residing in and around the forest in district bastar, district dantewada & district kanker in the state of chhattisgarh. To try to redress their grievances and make representation to the government and other authorities. To secure to the members fair conditions of education and training. To endeavour to settle disputes between members and with others amicably. To endeavour to assist during sickness, unemployment, infirmity and old age and death. To provide legal assistance to members. To endeavour to render aid to the members during any natural calamity. To co-operate and federate with organizations of forest dwellers etc. articularly those having similar objects, in India. Generally, to take such others steps as may be necessary to ameliorate the social, economic, civic and political conditions of the members.

Tel: 91-7857-255137

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