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Mukti Dham Seva Samiti

Add.: Basement, Surajgarh By Pass Road, Opp. Tata Motors Chirawa
City: Chirawa, Jhunjhunu
Pin: 333026
State: Rajasthan
Mobile: 9877655070
Email :
Contact Person: Sunil Kumar
Purpose : If any person dies and there is no one to make the cremation after death or the dependents or associates or families of such person are not able to bear the expenses that are incurred in that event. At that time when there is no one then Mukti Dham Sewa Samiti NGO helps for and perform the cremation (Antim Kriya Karam) event.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : Mukti Dham Sewa Samiti is created and working on the vision that is – “We should give some percentage of our income in such works which can be useful for humanity. We came empty handed and only to go empty handed, do something that would be useful for anyone.”

Mukti Dham is following and implementing the activities and events are –

  • Mukti Dham Seva Samiti plans to construct boundary walls, planting of tree-saplings, and erection of tent sheds at cremation grounds, there is no cremation in any religion and caste.
  • Mukti Dham has started a tribute scheme to provide financial assistance to such a family after the death of a poor family person living in rural areas. Immediate assistance is to be provided under this scheme.
  • Construction of dry wood store in cremation ground used and placed at the time of funeral dead body.
  • Sitting arrangement for people to stay sit in the shade during the funeral process.

The objectives of Mukti Dham Seva Samiti are –

  • If there is no cremation ground (Mukti Dham) in any city or village or it is far away from the village, then to proceed to create cremation place for them and provide this facility at a short distance.
  • To streamline the road leading to cremation place and to construct a drain for the clean water system and drainage of waste water.
  • To construct boundary wall and planting of tree plants and teen shed in the cremation place that does not have boundary wall and other facilities.
  • Construction of the cremation places in some villages and cities where there is no cremation in any religion and caste. There is no restriction or inconvenience for the people visiting there.
  • Assistance and facility to be provided by NGO to the needy families below poverty line and below that cannot afford funeral expenses.
  • Construction of a dry wood store in cremation and making, arranging the seating facilities for the people who come during the ceremony.
  • To conduct survey for the creation places and based on the survey of the cremation place NGO builds or provides necessary facilities as per the requirements.
  • Postponement of posthumous bodies for the Muslim community.
  • Providing posthumous funeral and travel goods such as coffin and stone for the Muslim community.
  • To arrange to get solar lights installed on the way to cremation ground.

Shree Marwar Vikas Samiti, Chohtan, Barmer

Add.: Aadarsh Nagar, Chohtan, Dist Barmer
Town/ City: Chohtan
District: Barmer
Pin Code: 344702
Phone: 9660159409
Mobile: 9414529409
Contact Person: Ajai Singh
Purpose: Agriculture, Art and Craft, Art and Culture, Child Labour, Child Rights, Child Welfare, Employment, Human Development, Human Rights, Library, Livelihood, Rural Development, Right To Information, Training, Water, Women Development/Welfare, To work for sustainable development of the village and improvement in the quality of life .
Aim/Objective/Mission: To ensure the participation of the poor and marginalized in sustainable development processes through collective decision making and faciliting the emergence of democratic leadership and institutions among people.

Kubja, Udaipur

Add : Shri Ram Spine Hospital, 3, Madhuban
Tel :
Mobile : 94138 12271
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Dr. Sonal Pamecha
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : kubja is a humanitarian project started by dr chirayu pamecha, a spine surgeon in association with shriram bone n spine hospital, udaipur. Kubja is a gender unique attempt which commits to the idea that every child regardless of, religion, caste, color or financial situation, deserves world-class medical treatment. Kubja mission and activities kubja mission is to subsidize the cost of life threatening spinal diseases, by providing financial support to those children who come from economically weaker sections of the society to enable them to lead a normal and healthy life. Kubja has taken number of initiatives in order to realize its mission. Major activities of kubja include: providing free weekly spine deformity clinics at the shriram spine hospital on every tuesday and thursday between 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Providing free consultations with world class doctors. If surgery is required, providing all hospital facilities including doctor fees, operation charges, medicine and hospitalization expenses at a very subsidized cost. (Low cost spine surgery) raising funds to pay for the costly implant used in the spine correction surgery. Awareness and training programs for health workers and nurses to screen children early and at regular intervals. What we do procedure as kubja is based in udaipur, all procedures are done in udaipur at shriram spine hospital. The procedure includes identification of patients at early stage, counseling them and then treating them. Following steps are carried out for this: identification of child with spine deformities through screening camps at village and town level. Team of expert from kubja go to screen the children at various level all the patients (children) identified through these camps are directed to free spinal deformity clinic at shriram spine hospital, udaipur. After examination, a medical team consisting of a spine surgeon, paediatrician, neurologist, radiologist, anaesthetist and physiotherapist examine each child personally for the final evaluation. After identification the families of the selected children are counselled by our team of spine surgeons about the nature of surgery, associated risks and complications and the post operative protocols. The family is guided about the financial support system of kubja, their contact details and other information s are registered and they are assured communication as per availability of funds and donations. When kubjahas raised adequate funds for operating the child, the child is operated in shriram spine hospital on subsidized rates. Pre and post surgery care of the patient. Rehabilitation of the patient our reach kubja main target is children with spinal deformity needing surgery and rehabilitation. Presently, children from all over Rajasthan and madhya pradesh are coming to kubja. Kubja is planning to spread its services to children from all over India.

Right Vision Society, Udaipur

Add : 111, Saifee Colony, Khanjipeer
Tel :
Mobile : 83860 26658
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Ibrahim Pinjara
Purpose : Advocacy On Social Issues, Child Rights, Child Welfare, Education, Hiv/Aids, Plantation, Pollution, Population, Rural Development, Self Help Groups, Social Awareness, Training, Water, Women’S Issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Provide vocational training social awareness i. e. Hiv/aids, population, pollution, plantation, education etc. Save the girl project advocacy on social issues all work as per our bylaws.

Snehil India Sansthan, Udaipur

Add : Manpura (Nohra), Lakhawali, Badgaon
Tel : 0294 2440451
Mobile : 94130 26451
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Rakesh Paliwal
Purpose : Agriculture, Child Welfare, Education, Health, Rural Development, Tribal Development, Women Development/Welfare.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision to work on generating livelihood opportunities, women empowerment, improve health, education, improve the living condition and provide sustainable economic development in the weaker section of the society. Objectives improve economic condition by empowering women. To undertake programs / projects for the development of educational, social and economic status of women in the society. To undertake and implement awareness programs/ projects which educate people to improve their health. To work for generating sustainable livelihood opportunities to bring about economic upliftment in the community. To engage as a catalyst in providing an environment, congenial for upgrading the living condition through community participation. To promote centers and activities for the social, educational and economic development of rural people and rural areas.

Dhharna Public Seva Trust, Kedariya,

Add : 214- Kedariya, Bhinder
Tel :
Mobile : 97859 91322
Website :
Contact Person : Shankarlal Jishi
Purpose : Advocacy On Social Issues, Awareness Generation, Ayurveda, Child Welfare, Climate Change, Community Development, Cultural Issues, Disadvantaged Communities, E-Governance, Employment, Environment, General – Social Welfare, Livelihood, Local Self Governance (Panchayati Raj), Traditional Health, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Trust deed attached.

Naritva Sansthan, Udaipur

Add : 394, 2nd Floor, SM Lodha Complex, Near Court Choraha, Udaipur
Tel : 0294-2440133
Mobile : 87699 90278
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Jyoti Chouhan
Purpose : Health, Women’S Issues To Provide Cancer Screening (Breast and Cervix) To Women Between 21-65 Years Of Age.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Our mission :- conducting regular awareness & screening programs by visiting door to door/organizing camps and adoption of poor cancer patients. To educate people about chances of developing cancer. Vision- giving the quality of life to poor patients. What we are doing conduct cancer awareness programs in villages, urban slum areas, industries, session court, central jail & other institutions to spread awareness of cancer causing habits like smoking, chewing tobacco & drinking. Advising balanced diet and nutrition for general health, prevention of cancer and recovery from cancer.

Balaji Sikshan Sansthan Samiti, Sri Ganganagr

Add : 255, Mukharji Nagar
Sri Ganganagr
Tel :
Mobile : 96670 00707, 94145 13149
Email :
Website :
Contact Person :
Purpose : Agriculture, Awareness Generation, Child Labour, Child Rights, Child Welfare, Cow Protection Centre (Goushala), Disaster Management, Distance Learning, E-Governance, E-Learning, Economics And Finance, Education, Group Promotion, Health, Information And Communications Technology, Local Self Governance (Panchayati Raj), Old Aged Welfare, Rural Development, Science And Technology, Sex Workers Welfare, Social Awareness, Traditional Activist (Guni) Mobilisation, Training, Urban Development, Waste Management, Water, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Our organisation doing work last 5 years in our aria in this subjects/mangement it agriculture/ peramedical. The vision of bcmit is to become a world class center of excellence in learning and innovation driven by social sensitivity and state-of-art technology. Develop multi faceted professionals in diverse fields, through absorption of emerging technologies, to understand the rapidly changing needs of the complex global economy and to prepare their mindset to be confident, creative & proactive. Develop sustainable network with high quality academicians & professionals in the corporate and social arena. Shape up a complete human being through value based education that has global focus enriched by extensive industry interaction.

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