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Akshara Rain of Hopes, Sundergarh

Add : D-22, Koelnagar, Rourkela
Tel :
Mobile : 78732 24223
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Dhiraj Kumar Agarwal
Purpose : Awareness Generation, Child Labour, Child Welfare, Women Development Welfare, Women’S Issues, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Our aim is to eradicate ill-literacy from the root and the root is the poor section of the society. This section of people face problem in the field of literary due to poverty i.e. Due to lack of money they are unable to provide education to their children. And those poor family who are managing somehow to educate their children, unfortunately face monetary problem and their education or process of learning comes to an end. Therefore to solve this problem your Akshara has decided to take all the academic charges of poor children and all the monetary help will be provided by Akshara on behalf of their respective to be a part of such charitable activity, we invite the people of educational society to contribute in form of money as per their capability.

VIRTUE (Voluntary Institute for Re- Constructionof Tribals Union for Empowerment), Rayagada

Add : Virtue, Raniguda Farm, Near D. F. O. Office, 9th Lane
Tel : 06856-223044
Mobile : 94378 69979, 904010 33739
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : C. B. Singh
Purpose : We Are Working On Development In Poor Local Communities, Because It Gives People Dignity, A Belief In The Future and The Motivation To Take Action Themselves To Aid Development and Fairness. We Believe That, All People Are Created Equal and With The Same God-Given Right To A Life Of Dignity and Respect.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision to establish a self supportive community with sustainable manner apart from that, in niyamgiri envisages landless, marginal and small farmers living with dignity by upholding their rights to land, seeds, food and farm, the soil being reinvigorated to a living entity, the culture in agriculture being restored and celebrated, and agriculture becoming economically viable ecologically sensitive and capable of preserving the social fabric of rural communities especially in the dry & hilly region of orissa mission is to uphold food sovereignty. We strive to achieve this goal by working with farmers to re-establish their control over land, seeds, food & farming system, through the conservation, renewal and rejuvenation of biodiversity. Keeping seeds, biodiversity, traditional knowledge and farming in the custody of farming communities to generate livelihoods and provide basic needs is our core programme. our mission focuses on improving the well being of landless agricultural labourer, small and marginalized farmers through ecological / sustainable agriculture. We believe that ecological agriculture produces more food, nutrition and income for farmers and strengthens rural economy compared to monocultures and chemical farming. We are therefore committed to resisting patents on seeds and life forms promoted by the trips agreement of wto, opposed to agrochemical tncs, genetically modified organisms (gmos) and chemical pesticides as they kill life forms, tightens the control of tncs over our farming systems and threaten our food sovereignty.

Computer Literacy and Application Centre, Nayagarh

Add : Bhubaneswar, Daspalla
Tel : 06753-220208
Mobile : 94378 89703
Email :
Website : www.clacodisha.
Contact Person : Sumanta Kumar Mishra
Purpose : Awareness Generation, Ayurveda, Child Welfare, Community Development, Distance Learning, E-Governance, E-Learning, Education, Employment, Forest Management, Human Development, Information and Communications Technology, Library, Ngo Management, Plantation, Science and Technology, Training, Tribal Development, Women Development/Welfare, Yoga, Youth.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Objectives: establishment of academic/ institutes/ organisation in science and technology for training education, research and communication. Develop awareness and literacy in computer education. Help rural poor, disabled and sc/st/ girls student in continuing computer education. Spread education and awareness in schools, institutions and grampanchayats where facilities are available. Empowering women with awareness in computer education seeking career in IT Field. To provide education and skill training on computer education to empower rural unemployed youths with adequate technical skills to enter into job market easily, as well as to seek meaningful self-employment. To enhance the self-confidence of the youth to take the opportunities of self-employment with the help of loan facilities under the other schemes for the rural development. Promoting environmental awareness among schools, grass-root level organization and the general public. Strengthening capacities of educators and practioners (teachers, local ngos) in the field on environmental education by providing technical support and educational resources. Our motto is Mission- clac is a humanist organisation working to impart scientific education among people to eradicate superstition and myths regarding women and vulnerable sections of the society. The mission of clac is to strengthen the economic and social condition of the lesser privileged through focused social and educational programmes with the emphasis on women emancification. At present clac now stands as a beacon of light for youths to guide them for their bright future in the years to come. Project vikash our programme will provide the right opportunity to the less privileged rural children in the district and nurture them to be better acquainted with computers, improve their competence in core subjects and pass percentage. At present we have appointed the cluster coordinators for smooth operation of the project. clac striving for the development of the less privileged through its computer education, skill training, child care, women empowerment and tribal welfare projects.

Ame Bharatiya, Sundargarh

Add : De-120, Basanti Colony, Rourkela
Tel :
Mobile : 97784 92277, 94397 42271
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Subrat Kumar Nayak
Purpose : Agriculture, Child Labour, Child Welfare, Human Development, Labour, Pollution, Poverty, Rural Development, Society And Economy, Tribal Development, Waste Management, Water, Women Development/Welfare.
Aim/Objective/Mission : The main objectives of the organisation are social justice, human rights, human resources development, rural and urban development, forest and environment development, health education and sanitation, cultural & agriculture, all social welfare work related with science and technology.

Club Bright Star, Puri

Add : Jorakani, Delanga
Tel :
Mobile : 99382 35733
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Rabindara Kumar Sahoo
Purpose : Social Work
Aim/Objective/Mission : Vision: envisages to esablish a society free from hunger & fear where every individual has access to equal opportunity & a society where there is no discrimination on grounds of caste, class, race, language, religion or region. Mission: to work for & with the weaker sections, focus on sc & st development, of the society to achive harmony & sustainable development. Objectives: to take all integrated development activities for community rights and fights against social blindness and inequiy and under development sectors.

Samarpan, Jeypore

Add : Jaya Nagar, Paik Street, 2nd Lane, Jeypore
Tel : 0680-2283149
Mobile : 82609 45750
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Ranjan Kumar Patro
Purpose : Advocacy On Social Issues, Agriculture, Child Labour, Child Rights, Child Welfare, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Food And Nutrition, Gender, General – Social Welfare, Health, Intellectual Property, Livelihood, Natural Resource Management, Old Aged Welfare, Orphanage, Physically Disabled, Rural Development, Social Awareness, Sustainable Development, Trafficking Of Women, Tribal Development, Women Development Welfare.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Samarpan envisages an inclusive, alternative and just society where people especially women, children, elderly, ultra poor and other socially excluded groups are free from all sorts of discriminations, exploitations, oppressions and where each person has an identity, independence and able to exercises his her rights with dignity and equality.

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