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In Assam many Non Profit Organisations/ Non Governmental Organisations/ Volunteer Organisations are working towards the certain causes and the welfare of the target population. NGOs/ NPOs/ VOs in Assam are functioning with different Objectives and Issues such as Health, Education, Child Development, Women Empowerment, Flood Related Problems, Human Trafficking, Immigrant Issues, Poverty, Lack of opportunity for Income Generation, Physical and Mental Disability and other purposes.

The State Assam located north Eastern Region in India bordered by six Indian states and the two countries (Bhutan and Bangladesh). Assam is best known for its Tea, Oil, Silk, Petroleum Resources, its wildlife and rare wild animals like one horned rhinoceros. Assam is the state with rich biodiversity.

Various NGOs, NPOs and volunteer organizations are working in Assam for the upliftment and development of the targeted tribal population. People of Assam are not well aware about the health and medical conditions. Their standards of living are very down. NGOs are working for social, educational, intellectual and economic development.

These Non Profit/ Non Governmental organisations/Volunteer organisations are dedicated to the cause of social, Ethical and economical development for urban, rural and tribal dominated backward areas of Assam. The NGOs/ NPOs/ VOs are working significantly NGOs India enlisting them.
People are also supporting and participating development activities, charitable and social welfare programmes at different levels in the urban and rural areas of Assam.


NGOs in Assam working with the objectives are:

NGOs working in various Districts and villages in Assam

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