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Abhimani Foundation, Bobbili

Add : 3-164/89 TR Colony
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 08944254555
Mobile : 94907 89555
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Reddy Raja Gopala Naidu
Purpose : Agriculture, Child Rights, Consumer Issues, Disability, Education, Environment, Food and Nutrition, Health, Irrigation, Old Aged Welfare, Peace, Plantation, Pollution, Rehabilitation, Rural Development, Sanitation.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To promote recreational, moral cultural and community development with out rustication of caste, creed and religion. To diffuse knowledge among the people for development through awareness conscientisation and organization building. To educate and assist the rural poor to release their creative facilities for them economic, social cultural and physical improvement. To promote one facility basic primary education among the illiterates through adult literacy non- formal education, information education, residential school, and child labour school and vocational training center etc. To promote and encourage gender sensitization initiatives by brining the women folk into the lime, lightthrough measures of various programmed activated keeping the women participation as the focal point. To safe-guard and protect the general health of the people by undertaking both preventative and curative measures and guaranteeing minimum health facilities with the help of govt. Hospital and mobilizing own source to check and providing insurance and group insurance etc. To provide and mobilize minimum facility of supplying safe drinking water to all and ensure basic sanitation measures. To maintain ecological balance for taking plantation programmed to enoughten the people to preserve the forest and to sawing plants, training the people by meetings showing them slides, cinemas etc and check and stop paddy cultivation by infiltrators. To encourage building and construction of creating permanent assets for the communities in the form of water harvesting structures, lined canals and irrigation measures watershed management, community training centers etc. To campaign, lobby, advocate and network of intervention at various levels through dialogue and discussion to protest against pollution to up keep a sound environment. To diffuse knowledge to establish one maintain libraries and reading room for the member and the public and to establish one cell at every govt institutions etc. To render service and cooperation to the people during natural calamities like flood drought, cyclone, earth quake etc. To promote national integration among common people for holding up of festival and function relation. To improve training on various issues pertaining to the changing scenario of the nation / work to bring in micro linkage. To activities the youth in rural as well as urbane areas to take up development work by holding camps, seminars, meetings training courses etc. To utilize a part or whole of the fund towards requiring expenditure and publish different magazine / posters of the society and to use any of the property or investment or to deal with the found in other way the society may find it necessary. To seek receive and take any gift of money or property movable and immovable for any of the object of the society and to use any of the properties or investment for the being of the trust for the general purpose of the trust. To create administrative, technical and other post under the society and to take appointment they re to in accordance with the rules of the society. To accept subscription, gifts and donation from organization or individual in India and aboard weather movable or immovable. To establish the statues of the elders &historic people inview of to create awareness and introduce to the present generation. To open and operate accounts of any description with any schedule bank or banks. To provide health care, awareness and services. To educate forest environmental, agriculture science and services. To facilitate old age homes to facilitate rehabitation centers for physically handicapped, psychiatry, hiv/aids and other patents. To maintain good raapo with the people to keep liaison and network with ngo s to work towards a common mission. To improve awareness in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections etc. To conduct yearly camps for detection and treatment of cataract, anemias, infections, malnutrition, cancer, etc and frequent blood donation drives. To increase awareness in the entire community through audio visual educational programs and discussions on issues such as : eye & dental care, maternal and child care, hygiene and sanitation importance of education, employment opportunities and financial security, freedom from misbeliefs and superstitions, management of addictions. To provide preschool education to enable every child to be ready for school. To educate all the mothers in childcare, health, hygiene and social issues. To enable empowerment of adolescent girls and boys.

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